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  1. Another thought: Faith and works
  2. The OT Law, Today!
  3. Discussion Did Jesus Break the Law?
  5. Question for Fenris
  6. God And Oral Law?
  7. The Justification of Phinehas
  8. How Jewish was Jesus?
  9. Salvation vs. Justification.... Know the difference?
  10. Fear?
  11. Discussion Bibles: Which version do you use ?
  12. The OT Law, Today!
  13. Interpretative Authority In Postponement Theology
  14. Sermon on the Mount; Matthew 5-7... Some questions
  15. Psalm 37:4
  16. Keeping Neanias in mind.... SIN.... Should a christian be a sinner?
  17. Philosophical Question
  18. Does Sin Separate us and God?
  19. Is the "forgiving yourself concept" really Biblical at all?
  20. When Is Judgement Day for a Christian
  21. Was Jacob Really A Syrian?
  22. Where Will You Be on September 29th
  23. The Leaven and the Parable of the Wedding
  24. Discussion Keeping episkopos in mind.... Salvation vs. Eternal life.... Is there a difference?
  25. Was Abraham born again?
  26. Name some sins!
  27. weeping and gnashing of teeth
  28. Was the Prodigal Son Judged?
  29. Bible Translator Tool
  30. I Thessalonians 1: 14-15 and the Martyrdom of Christians
  31. HCSB Translation
  32. What exactly is "The Milk" for infants in Christ?
  33. Samson
  34. God changes our "want to"
  35. Discussion Entire Sanctification
  36. And YE Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Set You Free?
  37. for in his days was the earth divided. Pangea split?
  39. what is the "MeatL of the word?
  40. "All Israel shall be saved" According to Postponement Theology
  41. What ACTS 2:38 REALLY MEANS !!
  42. Is money sinful?
  43. Does your Christianity make you less afraid of death?
  44. Why do you love God?
  45. IMPORTANT Of Paul.... Of Apollos....
  46. Did the law of Moses end?
  47. JOHN 10:9
  49. Seriously......
  50. The battle of the flesh vs. spirit is bigger than us (The war against God's glory)
  51. I am confused
  52. False prophets
  53. Is God the Fire in the LOF?
  54. Where did grace begin if the law of Moses was set aside?
  55. Discussion How does Sola Fide explain these verses?
  56. What Parts of the New Testament Make Up the Gospel For Salvation?
  58. Knock-off thread from the thread addressed to Fenris
  59. A Question for Biblical Textual Critics, translators, and Bible Students.
  60. One Like The Son Of Man?
  61. Speaking Like A Dragon: Revelation 13: 11, and the Dialectic
  62. "Dead" denominations
  63. Discussion Women to be silent
  64. Scripture Question!
  65. Discussion Salvation and Eternal Life... the same?
  66. To all my Bibleforums friends...
  67. Concerning: Is water baptism necessary for salvation/new birth?
  68. How does my sin hurt/offend God?
  70. Are all spirits angels?
  71. Need Advice: where is Hell?
  72. Is the Angel of the Lord a created being?
  73. 1 Cor 13:8-13 "That which is perfect" Questions and answers.
  74. Philippians 2:9-11
  75. Discussion Christ Was No Sexist
  76. Discussion Nother can o' worms.... Seems to be my destiny....
  77. Being Cut Off or Cast Away from Christ.
  78. Luke 11:46 meaning
  79. Why is this missing from Paul, Peter, and John?
  80. How are Gentiles saved through the tribulation?
  81. The Acts of the Apostles: Asia to Europe
  82. Humpty Dumpty Christianity: Excerpts From the GEOgram September 30, 2011
  83. Can someone answer a question about the book of Daniel for me?
  84. Where Will You Be on October 8th?
  85. Pls explain to me the parable of the cloths and the wineskins
  86. WHAT MATT 28:19 AND 20 REALLY MEAN ??
  87. 1 Corinthians 3: This is not speaking of each individual Christian
  88. Does this kind of book exist?
  89. Perfect
  90. neither Job nor the Preacher had hope in the afterlife
  91. Revelation 13: 18: Number of A Man or Number of Man
  92. Discussion Do we serve a Just God?
  93. Superficial Christianity, and hypocrisy.
  94. What does it mean to "be in Christ"?
  95. Law Of Christ V Law Of Moses?
  96. What exactly is a literalist?
  97. Discussion what's good about being a sheep
  98. Discussion HEALING
  99. Is the Sabbath day different for Christians and the Jews?
  100. how should this passage be viewed
  101. Is the Cephas of Galatians 2 and Simon Peter the same person?
  102. Have a Wonderful Feast
  104. Discussion What is the difference, if there is??
  105. When Christ prayed, did he pray to himself?
  106. The Holy Spirt being God.
  107. The 144,000 Issue
  108. Concepts of GOD in world’s major religions
  109. Matt 28:19 vs mark 16:15-18 ???
  110. Information Paul's Message
  111. adding to Scripture
  112. What is Death?
  113. Jubilee Timeline Discovered
  114. Were we forknown
  115. Jesus is Irrefutably Divine
  116. Does the Father Have a Literal Right Hand and a Finite-Form Body?
  117. why did God create?
  118. Dating a non-believer
  119. Need Advice: Staying motivated
  120. Your opinion of a youtube video of a kid relating a dream of Heaven
  121. Psalms 139:7-8
  122. Do we follw Jesus or Paul ??
  123. Is God the Father really only "the soul of God"?
  124. Gal 2:20 mens this ??
  125. Council of Nicea: did they redact the Servant Songs?
  126. Discussion Should Christians participate in government?
  127. Titus 3:10 A man that is an heretic
  128. question concerning my church...
  129. Discussion Do parts of the Bible seem confusing??
  130. Discussion What it takes to become a Christian (Gods Child)?
  131. Discussion Will any human being ever be able to understand all this "suffering" on earth????
  132. Discussion Sorry, just 1 more discussion question please???? Loving yourself?
  133. Please Help Finding ref. on historical composition or divisions of old testament/scripture
  134. Barabbas; The Evil Bandit, or a Sinner saved by Grace?
  135. Why do you believe the Bible?
  136. Jesus Friend of Sinners
  137. How were you saved ??
  138. Killing Gaddafi
  140. Dispensationalism Honors All Israel, Including that of the "Shadow"
  141. How were they saved ??
  142. Discussion Limited number with Jesus in heavens?? Rev 14. 1-4
  143. Excerpts From Chapter One"Christian Zionism: Its History, Theology and Politics" by S
  144. Calvinsim?
  145. Discussion Does the Truth ALWAYS matter?
  146. Where in the Bible? Rebuking a fellow Christian
  147. Learning What the Dialectic is and Identifying It is Not Easy
  148. Discussion Which Mary?
  149. Discussion What does sealed by the Spirit mean?
  150. Would Jesus be a Christian today?
  151. Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal Hidden Calendar
  152. What Is The Ministration Of The Spirit And Righteousness?
  153. The "preservation of the saints" VS the of the "eternal security of the believer"
  154. Do these titles imply one person, or more than one person?
  155. Chapter 3 and 4 Excerpts From Christian Zionism, By Stephen Sizer
  156. Any Trick or Treaters in the Bunch?
  157. The Great Commission and today
  158. More On the I John 5: 7-8 - the Trinity - Issue
  159. Creator God
  160. And The Truth Shall Set You Free?
  161. Information Listen Bible Anytime in iphone
  162. Let Go; Let God....?
  163. Christ's Death?
  164. Let's discuss Hebrews 6: 4-11
  165. Funny Church Signs;
  166. Is Rom 7:7 -7:25 talking about a Christian or a pre-Messianic Jew or what?
  167. King James Wordings Found In Early Greek Papyri New Testament Manuscripts
  168. IMPORTANT Lazarus and the Rich man
  169. Watch THIS!! Mind blowing answer to HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD?
  170. End Time False Prophets and the Christian Celebrity System Part One
  171. Is there a greater passage of Scripture than John chapter 17?
  172. Discussion Marketplace Ministry
  173. Need Advice: Questions about suicide
  174. What is the problem with Joel Osteen?
  175. Blogs; Please Read
  176. Four Ways to Kill a Friendship
  177. The Righteousness of God Expressed In the Moral Law Against Usury
  178. Speaking As A Dragon: Revelation 13: 11
  179. Information Baptism in Jesus' Name
  180. Discussion Believers: Jews should remain Jews & Gentiles should remain Gentiles
  181. The Gospel According to Scot McKnight
  182. Discussion How does a Jewish person obtain atonement for their sin?
  183. Discussion Seeing that this is the forum you all speak 'funny' :)
  184. Part 1: Excerpts From Chapter 5, Christian Zionism, By Stephen Sizer
  185. Part 2: Excerpts From Chapter 5, Christian Zionism, By Stephen Sizer
  186. A Question for my friend, Fenris
  187. Do Christians Partake of the New Covenant Promised to Israel?
  188. Daniel 12: 7: Scattering the Power of the Holy People
  189. Do We agree on anything?
  190. Question on John 7:8-10
  191. How do you choose your Presidential nominee?
  192. Jesus is Israel
  193. Daniel 12: 7, and the Comic Book Version of the Anti-Christ and the Rebuilt Temple
  194. Information "180" Movie--30min Clip, You don't wanna miss this!
  195. Hallelujah---
  196. The Olive Tree
  197. Don't take your church for granted!
  198. Gifts of the spirit - In particular tongues
  199. Fearless Dave MacPhearson On Some Dispensationalist Celebrity Writers
  200. Jesus The Remake trailer
  201. The Origin of the Myth that the Church is "spiritual Israel"
  202. The Bema Seat
  203. The Throne of David
  204. Discussion Is God vengeful?
  206. My Kingdom is not of this world.
  207. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving
  208. IMITATING IS IMITATION -Miles Stanford
  209. Can we pray to have the evils spirits bound.
  210. Comparative analisys of more than 50 Bibles of different times and nations
  211. All hat, no cattle.
  212. God's love?
  213. possible solution to 1 Cor. 14:21-25
  214. Encounter
  215. A question on Genesis 1:5
  216. What is the "Eternal Life" Which is in the Son?
  217. THE CROSS-mjs
  218. The Dichotomy of the Christian –Netchaplain
  219. Mystery of Dead Sea Scroll Authors Possibly Solved?
  220. Baptism with the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with salvation
  221. Psalms for Thanksgiving Day
  222. how "holy spirit" is spoken of in the gospels
  223. Other 'gods'
  224. “The Flesh” –Netchaplain
  225. Should the book of John be included in the Synoptics?
  226. Discussion Thoughts on The Book of Ruth?
  227. The tower of Babel.1 Moses 11:1-9
  228. Christianity is Greater!
  229. Interpretation of 1 Timothy 5:23 about drinking wine over water
  230. Looking for a verse: Jesus prayed in a lonely place
  231. What MUST one believe in order to obtain eternal life?
  232. studying the bible
  234. Did God command Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
  235. Was Jesus's blood physically different than ours?
  236. Help! ;) I am so anxious for feedback on 2 questions, one about how best to study OT
  237. Presdestinated to be Conformed to the Image of the Son
  238. Show Me the Money
  239. Need Advice: Salvation, Forgiveness, Faith and Healing
  240. Earthly Treasures!!!!
  241. what is the first?
  242. Discussion What does the Bible say about "life after death"
  243. CONTINUANCE -Miles Stanford
  244. I can't find proof that Lucifer was an archangel.
  245. The Vicariousness of Christ -Netchaplain
  246. What MUST one believe in order to obtain eternal life? Part II
  247. Prepare ye the way of the Lord...
  248. Do Christians reap what they have sown?
  249. Everlasting name?
  250. Christian Darwinism?