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Jan 29th 2009, 08:14 PM
WARNING, This one will not be easy and is not for the faint hearted. Who will be diligent enough to search until they find the answer?

Hey diddle, diddle,
Here's another riddle,
Let's see if anyone does know?

Of this young man,
Who lived in the land,
So many years ago?

It's a matter of fact,
In a moment of wrath,
He won the favor of God.

Because of his zeal,
Two others did he kill,
For this in honor did he trod.

He is among men famed,
For he alone was named,
With Joshua and Caleb also.

Who after forty long years,
Many heart aches and tears,
To Canaan's fair land would go.

Now go back to the Book,
Take a long careful look,
And tell me if you can.

Study each little clue,
I have here given you,
And tell me who is this man? :hmm::hmm::hmm::pray::pray::pray::hug:

Jan 29th 2009, 08:21 PM
Phineas? (I think that's how it's spelled)

Jan 29th 2009, 08:37 PM
:pp:pp:pp WOW:pp:pp:ppUnbelievable:pp:pp:ppOutstanding:pp:pp :pp

Theophilus, I must say,
I stand amazed today,
In how quick, the answer you did find.

There have been many others,
Learned Sisters and Brothers,
Who sought for this one for a very long time.

Thank you my friend,
We shall do it again,
For when I get the time to piddle,

I shall take the time,
To put into rhyme,
Once again yet another riddle.

Jan 29th 2009, 08:45 PM
In honor of your nifty and unique mode of questioning, I've "honored" you with your own limerick...Go take a gander in "The Lighter Side" forum.

Jan 29th 2009, 08:54 PM
Allow me to offer a little information about this young man, Phinehas:

In Numbers Israel was under the judgment of God and suffering from a plague because of their immorality.

In chapter 25:6-13, Phinehas slew a young man from the tribe of Simeon who committed whoredom in sight of the tabernacle with a Midianite woman. In fact he slew them both for profaning the camp.

For his zeal against sin, God gave him a covenant of peace.

In Numbers 31:6, Phinehas was made a man of honor by becoming a trumpeter in a time of war.

In Joshua 22:30-31, We see Phinehas as a priest!

In Judges 20:27, We see Phinehas as a leader of the people.

In 1 Chronicles 6:1-15, We see the descendents of Phinehas serving as priests in the house of Israel until Nebuchadnezzar came and carried them away.

All of this, because a young teenager chose do do what was right!

Now there is another Phinehas, the son of Eli, and his son was the one we know as Ichabod, (The Glory Has Departed). This Phinehas corrupted the house of God.

A good lesson for every teenager. God bless you, and remember, Charity never faileth!

Jan 29th 2009, 09:01 PM
Thanks for the limerick, I am humbled. :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Feb 2nd 2009, 11:09 PM
Thank you, Pastor Mike for another wonderful and thought-provoking poem. Have a blessed day! :hug: