View Full Version : Don't Forget to Suit Up!

Feb 20th 2009, 10:49 AM
Darkness creeps silently across the land
Its control of men always trying to expand
While mortal men sleep peacefully in bed
Evil forces do battle to control their head

In dreams and thoughts they plant their seed
In hopes that they will win, will succeed
They do their deeds in the darkness of night
Knowing the cannot face the scrutiny of His Light

When in the morning we slowly rise
Wiping the remnants of sleep from our eyes
Those thoughts and dreams are lurking deep inside
Then up they will spring to push our values aside

That fit of anger, that slip of tongue
The Darkness of night is where they come from
This is why we cannot win alone
We need His might, the power of His throne

So when you rise to greet your day
Put on the full armour of God as you pray
Mere mortal men isn't who we fight
It is the Prince of the Darkness of the night

But we have the Savior on our side
He is the only one from whom Darkness will hide
For greater is He that is in me
Than the Prince of Darkness can or will ever be