View Full Version : a BLOG about false teachings

Apr 20th 2009, 07:50 PM
Hello. I have found a page that teaches about false doctrines and teachings.


This is a new hope web site. I hope you will enjoy it.


Apr 20th 2009, 07:56 PM

As you can tell from my color I am a minister on this site. I am also a pastor in real time.

I went to your blog and you need to know I have asked that your link be removed.

I am also a mega church pastor. I serve as the executive Pastor of a church over 5000. I guess I would be considered, according to your blog, a "wolf" in sheep's clothing. I am sorry you feel this way but whatever hurt has you blogging this way, I pray you will find a well of healing in the precious blood of Jesus.

If you want to discuss this in private please make your way to Chat to Ministers.

May God reveal his purpose for you and those he wants to use in these last days