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Apr 22nd 2009, 06:11 PM
There is a story I heard many years ago, and several times since, but always a little different than the original.
A GI in the Battle of the Bulge is separated from his unit and badly wounded in the snow, unable to move. As the cold begins to creep in, and he is bleeding out, he comes to the realization he is about to die.
He returns to thoughts of his youth, and of an old hymn he used to sing in church. He used the last of his strength to begin to sing this song in a weak voice for the peace of heart.
Suddenly a shadow falls across him. He looks up to see a German soldier holding a bayoneted rifle at his throat. Not just any soldier, but a Waffen SS. The most ruthless, desperate of Hitler's Nazi's.
"Now I really am going to die" and the GI shuts his eyes to meet his Lord.
But suddenly he is lifted up, placed across the German's shoulder, and they begin to move toward his own lines.
As they move through the snow, the German begins to humm under his breath to same hymn the GI had been singing. Perhaps in his own youth....
The German laid him down near a road his own troops would soon travel down, and then turned and disappeared into the snow and mist of the Ardennes.

Has anyone else ever heard a similar story, and do you know where to access the original?

Apr 22nd 2009, 10:03 PM
Cant say that I've heard that story......but for your information one of the main German army units that fought in the Ardennes offensive (The battle of the Bulge) was the

9th Waffen SS Panzer Division (Hohenstaufen).

This division also fought the British Parachute 1st Airborne Division in Arnhem codenamed Market Garden.... made famous by the movie A Bridge too Far.

This 9th Waffen SS division eventually fought it's last battle in May 1945 in Austria where it surrendered to American Troops.

I lived in Germany for a while and have been back on several occasions and became interested in the 9th Division .....

If your story is true it is quite possible that the American soldier was carried to saftey by a member of the 9th Waffen.

This division suffered many casualties in the forests of the Ardennes.

I hope this will be of some help in your thread.

Apr 22nd 2009, 10:15 PM
Thanks windmill,
I'll do a little research on the 9th Waffen SS.