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Apr 26th 2009, 05:10 AM
This is a spin off from subject of Shadows and The Law nailed to the cross. These two subjects made me realize that hundreds of years before Christ came to earth with His offering Israel its king and Kingdom, His shadow was long and detailed of what his reality would be like. I do believe when the Lord established Israel and its people as a nation, and with His foreknowledge he knew they would be the most rebellious, proud, intelligent people gathered in one place. the earth has seen. I also believe God choose them knowing they would be difficult so He could show the rest of the world His power and glory and that nothing is too difficult for Him to accomplish. So the Lord instituted physical laws and ordinances on the Jewish people that was such a heavy burden not one man alive other than Jesus Christ, God in the flesh could successfully keep the entire law and ordinances because God was exemplifying Himself and we shan't discount his sinless nature that can't sin. The flesh most men came to crave the keeping of many of God's washings, holy days and traditions that reminded Israel of the physical things God had done for them. Such as literally bringing them physically out of Egypt. Before they left, God did many physical miracles to show the masters of God's people in Bondage what He could do before he let them Go with one of the end results being the first Passover. Once a year Israel would have a feast that lasted a week in memorial of that passover when the angel of death passed over the first born from death when those who had lambs blood over their doorpost. The second passover that we never hear about that really is far more important than the first one that affects both Jews and Gentiles is when the Father passed over the sins of the world for those who puts the lamb of God's blood over the door post to their souls. This Passover is the complete opposite of the first. The first Passover was done physically with physical consequences of death as the end results. The second Passover is spiritual for we can't see the Father passing over our sins. All we can do is believe it by faith, that is in the spiritual realm whereby we believe God and it is accounted to our righteousness. God never sends anyone a physical telegrams with congratulations on being born again. His spirit witnesses with our spirit so we know we have passed from death to life. Now in this present time there is no nationality because both Jew and Gentile are a new creation without a nation, but we do have a spiritual house. 1Peter 2:5. When God was dealing with just Israel, God dwelled in a temple made with hands; again worship in the physical. Now in this time of the Gentile, God dwells in the believer, a temple made without hands, Again the spiritual aspect. What I'm getting at Everything before in dealing with just Israel it was mostly physical and was in the physical far back as the Garden of Eden when the forbidden fruit was planted in the garden of Eden. Also God taking a physical rib from Adam and creating Eve, the mother of all mankind. Plus there was also some spiritual aspects such as when the Lord told Adam and Eve that the serpent would bruise His heal and the Lord would bruise the serpent's head. I'm sure this spiritual revelation of God, so simple in concept yet without other knowledge would have been baffling. However whoever would believe God's account would be saved. Just as we are today with whatever knowledge we possess, even if we don't we have the full account. That even makes us more accountable if we have more understanding. There is also a third passover and lets see who knows what that one is and when it will take place. The interesting thing I have noticed many people who do not understand about ordinances in this age of spiritual worship continue to doggedly insist in worshiping God with physical ordinances even though they have been abolished. I have purposely left out scripture so both sides, those who worship with shadows can prove to us who worship in reality can see if we can come to a conclusion that is based on God's word. Also those of you who believe you are on prayer ground with the Lord pray that the Holy Spirit will join in this discussion by working on our hearts and bringing to mind the proper scriptures that will show forth God's will from His word and be honoring to Jesus Christ. Tomlane

Apr 26th 2009, 05:24 AM
I worship Christ according to my understanding of the shadows as they point out various aspects of His character and relationship towards me in works and redemption. I do not worship Yeshua with the shadows as most believe is impossible just because I celebrate Pentecost, which was the date the body of Yeshau recieved power from on high and the torah was written on the believer's hearts for the first time. In reality a believer who observes Pentecost has more legitimacy than a believer observing Christmas Scripturally.

Why is the torah written on our heart?

Apr 26th 2009, 07:29 PM
manichunter, speaking for myself, I'm glad I have Christ for all my needs and I don't need to chase shadows. I'm also thankful I'm not Jewish and born while under law. There for my passover I rejoice in is that one that saved my soul, not some ancient happening that is only for my learning. Romans 15:4 *For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. Our learning doesn't always mean we do it. Noah built an ark but I'm not going to rush out and start buying lumber. Tomlane