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Advertising rates

arrow Advertising Rates:

Ads will be shown here:
We will extend this to other high traffic Christian sites in the future. Details will be published here.

3 months $100.00
6 months $160.00
12 months $310.00

arrow Acceptable Content/Sites

We only accept Christian and business/commercial sites that have content which the administration of BibleForums deems, in it's sole discretion as suitable. Sites that will not qualify include, but are not limited to:

  • Any form of adult or warez site,
  • Sites that have no value or interest to our members such as MLM, get rich quick 'secrets of internet marketing' sites, mass email [spam] sites, etc,
  • Other Christian Message Boards or web hosting companies since that is a direct conflict of interest with what we do.
  • Sites that promote racial hatred, slander or anything illegal.
  • Sites related to the sale of firearms.
  • Any other site that would have no interest to our members

Sites we are particularly interested in are Christian sites promoting solid Christian values. For example

  • Ministry and outreach,
  • Christian Poetry, arts and artists,
  • Christian music and books,
  • Churches,
  • Evangelism sites,
  • Christian education, home schools and universities

arrow Banner Specifications

  • Please do not use transparent backgrounds.
  • Banners should be GIF or JPEG images
  • You may use any of the following sized banners.

468 X 60 Pixels up to 500 X 100 Pixels

arrow Maximum Banner Data size:

25 KB - This will be applied strictly as folk on dialup are impacted very negatively by large banners as their browsing slows to a crawl.

arrow Statistics:

  • Presently the Message Board receives around 2,000,000 (2 million) page impressions per month with approximately 1,500 unique members per day and 3-5 times that in non members.

arrow Calculating value

A good rule of thumb to see if our service will work for you is to compare prices with other similar offerings. For example, compare what you would need to pay per day on Google or Overture for "n" clicks to your site. Then compare what each click through from us is costing you per day.

arrow Why not charge for Click-throughs?

Our fee is based on a fixed period for your banner display and has nothing to do with how many clicks it gets. Whether you get 1,000 clicks or none, you pay the same. We have good reason for doing it this way.

Click Through technology is fraught with problems. The biggest single problem being fraud. This is because most commercial organizations now pay you a percentage to put their advertising on your site. Because many webmasters want to turn a quick profit, some have devised all kinds of methods to generate false clicks from their own sites in order to collect their share of the click through. If you are still skeptical about the reality of Click-through fraud, have a look at this site!

arrow How to order:

  • We are selective about the types of sites we will allow to advertise. Therefore we request that you contact us first
    before ordering so that we can visit your site and have a look at your website and banner.
  • We only accept family sites with a product or service our Message Board Members may be interested in.
  • Payment is secure and online. All major cards accepted.
  • To get the ball rolling, please contact us with the following information:
    • The URL of your Website
    • The URL of the banner you want to use
    • The duration you want to sign up for

Contact Us Here

arrow Payment terms and conditions

  • Please note, we are not promising 2 million views of your banner / month. That is the total number of page views we are getting. In most cases your banner will be seen up to a thousand unique visitors / day.

  • We do not guarantee a click through rate. How many times someone clicks your banner will depend on many things - banner quality, product or service you offer, cost etc - that is up to you.

  • Advertising campaigns will only commence once paid in full.

  • All payments are non refundable. If you are not sure, sign up for the minimum period and try it first.

  • We cannot change you from one payment plan to another half way through. If you want to change from one month to 6 or visa versa you can only do so at the end of the campaign.

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