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Versical Rhymes

Christian poems,written by me to share and encourage and the odd blog thrown in.

  1. Butterfly

    The butterfly's meant to flutter free
    Around the gardens of delight
    To find it's sustainence within
    Bring beauty to those in it's sight
    But first it has to fight it's way
    Through various stages of it's birth
    A caterpillar crawling round
    Concealing all it's joy and mirth.

    Surviving all it's enemies ...
  2. Wait

    Things work out for those who wait
    As long as you don't hesitate
    Fix your eyes upon The One
    Who finishes what He's begun
    He has got you all worked out
    Watches while you flounce about
    When you finally give it up
    Then, with you, He'll come to sup.

    He'll share what He has in mind
    Together, ...
  3. Trust

    Do you trust a hand unseen
    Delving where the world has been
    Taking hold of your supports
    All your crutches, masks and forts
    Sorting out the bitterness
    Various secrets to confess
    Life that you have come to know
    Disinfected by the flow
    Of living water, washing deep
    Into the depths where devils creep
    Wanting you to stay defeated
    Down at heel, afraid, ...
  4. Coal

    A glowing coal falls on the hearth
    And slowly it turns grey
    The heat subsides until it's cold
    And then it's swept away

    A branch is cut off from the vine
    The consequence is dire
    Without the sap, it will dry up
    All hope of fruit expire.

    If we go it all alone
    Thinking we know ...
  5. Come Back

    Here I am awaiting you
    My arms are open wide
    Itís time you spent some time with Me
    Instead of trying to hide
    For Iím The One who wanted you
    To make My purpose known
    And like a bird thatís found itís wings
    Youíve left My nest and flown.

    The world is such a dangerous place
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