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  1. Real life imitates cartoons... sometimes.

    Here's a metaphoric Blog.

    It amazes me sometimes, yet I'm simultaneously grateful:
    - All the "Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz's" I encounter in my day to day life, have been kind enough to stand out from the crowd.

    I may not always catch their newest inventions right from the start, but that's not a problem. Somehow they always make sure I'm filled in with the necessary info, and I can easily find ...
  2. Responding to an atheist at work.

    This Blog entry is for some of my friends who have been engaged in conversation with atheists recently.

    They have been asking about how to respond to different claims & arguments presented by an atheist.

    Here's an email exchange from my place of employment: one of my co-workers forwarded the "Ben Stein" email, where Ben voiced his opinion about atheism. Another co-worker friend of mine responded (company wide) to the email... and he is ...
  3. Transparent Agendas

    It sometimes amazes me that "Anti-Christians" think they can masquerade as TRUE Christians and not be noticed.... (And I specify "Anti-Christians"... rather than "atheists"..... because atheists in the true sense of the word, aren't generally hostile, with hidden agendas like the Anti-Christs).

    Yet, I'm never really surprised by it, nor am I ever surprised about "WHO" they are.

    The thing is, they really do stand out like a "Baby ...
  4. Do you "read the Bible LITERALLY?" Or do you "Literally READ the Bible"?

    I've had my own personal struggles with this issue over the past couple years.
    I was always taught that we should interpret the Bible "literally"... meaning; "If the literal makes good sense, then seek no other sense".

    The problem I had in being able to understand scripture using that model of interpretation was; there were too many things that DIDN'T make sense.... Mainly being, that "rule" isn't followed in a consistent manner.