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  1. Question about free will and sin.

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    As you might imagine, people have been debating this topic for thousands of years. There are different schools of thought about free will within Christianity. Personally, as a Christian, I don't believe in free will. I don't think the Bible teaches that anyone has ever had free will. Some Christians disagree with me, and that's fine, we interpret the Bible differently. I am not going to argue for why we don't have free will, that has been done to death already. (If you're curious where, in the Bible,
  2. The Hand of God

    A personal testimony.

    It was 1979, we just moved to a new house in Deventer, at the time we had 2 daughters one of 3 and 1 of year old. Now the oldest one was the rebellious type, we told her time and time again her playing space outside was limited to the road which was about 50 meters from our house.

    The road itself wasn't the main problem as there was not so much traffic, the main and big problem started when you had crossed the road. After the road you entered a ...
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