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  1. from Minnesota

    I'm in Minnesota now.

    I'll be attending the 3rd birthday party of the son of one of my cousins in a little bit. I need to get ready in a minute.

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  2. several things

    It's now Tuesday here. If things go as planned, I'll be headed to Minnesota Wednesday morning.

    As time goes by, it is bothering me more and more that the world is full of unsaved people. I'm always afraid that if I try to witness to people, I'll do more harm than good. How do I go up to a complete stranger and tell them, "You deserve to spend eternity in Hell."? That could just drive them further away. But what am I supposed to do- "sugar coat" the message, and ...
  3. Minnesota

    If things go as planned, I'll be taking a trip to Minnesota in about a week.

    This will be, by far, the furthest north I've ever driven in my life.
  4. another blog on Islam

    I've heard people say that Islam teaches a works based salvation.

    If I understand Islamic doctrine correctly, that's not accurate.

    If I understand Islamic doctrine correctly, the concept of salvation is ALIEN to Islam.

    From what I've read, Islam doesn't teach the existence of a sin nature at all. From what I understand, Islam does teach that people have the free will to make morally wrong choices, but have no more inclination towards wrong/evil than right/good. ...

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  5. another blog on the African peoples

    I think this is my second blog on the African peoples in general.

    They are indigenous to the area of Africa sometimes referred to as Black Africa.

    There are thousands of African peoples and some of them are largely Muslim.

    I'm not sure how many of the African peoples have a large number of Muslims among them. I suspect that it's quite a few of them.

    I'm trying to do research on such things as: How was Islam introduced to them in the first ...

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