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  1. moderation part 2

    Since posting the moderation blog, I've given the whole issue a lot of thought.

    I've concluded that not only is it a mistake to go to either extreme, it's also a mistake to lean too far either way. One has to walk a very fine line.

    A lot of what's wrong with my life right now is absolutely my own fault. To me, there is ZERO question about that.

    At the same time, there is also a lot wrong with my life right now that is in no way, shape, form, or fashion ...
  2. moderation

    I don't remember doing a blog on this before.

    There is a verse about being cold or hot, not lukewarm.

    A lot of people seem to interpret this as saying never to use moderation in anything. I don't think this is what the verse is saying.

    I DO think using moderation in some things is the right thing to do.

    Some people go to the extreme of taking the stance that everything wrong in their life is OTHER peoples' faults, that they themselves aren't ...
  3. research on various things

    Research on Tibet and Tibetans is very frustrating.

    I'm reading kind of contradicting information on whether or not there is a single language called Tibetan or a group of related Tibetan languages.


    Research on Nepal is going VERY slowly.


    If anything, research on Bhutan is going even slower.


    Not much progress in doing research on Taiwanese Aborigines.


    Not ...
  4. finished reading Mathematics: The Loss Of Certainty

    I finished reading Mathematics: The Loss Of Certainty.

    What I get out of it is, in the past a lot of mathematicians did a lot of very sloppy work.

    This, of course, made a lot of later mathematicians- who had to attempt to clean up their mess- very angry at them.

    I have to wonder if today's world would be far more advanced technologically if those mathematicians had simply done things like they were supposed to do.

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  5. the planet Earth

    For the last... what, has it been about 6 years now?... I've been doing research on the planet Earth- geography, geology, that kind of thing.

    From what I can tell, there are at least three sets of Poles- Geographic, Magnetic, and Geomagnetic.

    This research has led me to do a lot of research on mathematics. Mathematics especially comes in handy with the geography research.

    I spent several years trying to familiarize myself with the islands of Alaska. ...