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  1. Old Testament study

    I'm feeling more and more pushed and pulled to do an Old Testament study.

    Picture sitting on your couch, and your dog goes over to it's collar and leash, picks them up with it's mouth, and brings them to you. You say to your dog, "I'll take you for a walk in five minutes.".

    Ok, then picture yourself not immediately putting the collar and leash on your dog, and taking it for a walk, and your dog starts WHIPPING you with the leash, harder and harder, until you ...

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  2. more on that last one

    From what I understand, the Wailing Wall is the remaining part of the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount and wasn't a part of the Temple itself.

    From what I've read, this western retaining wall was originally much longer than what remains now.
  3. the Wailing Wall

    I've been reading claims that the Wailing Wall actually wasn't a part of the Second Jerusalem Temple.

    There was a prophecy that no two stones of the Second Jerusalem Temple would be left touching each other.

    The Wailing Wall obviously still has stones touching.

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  4. 5-19-18

    I'm feeling more and more of a need to do an Old Testament study.

    I need to do research on Jerusalem, both past and present.

    I need to do research on the Jerusalem Temples.
  5. sort of an update on that last one

    It's becoming more and more obvious that I need to do a daily Old Testament study.

    Again, I've READ it from start to finish. This is different.


    Almost everything I thought I knew about the Samaritans several years ago was apparently wrong.

    Now, there's a lot of question marks for me in that area.
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