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  1. 11-21-17

    My grandmother is acting more irrationally than I've ever seen or heard her act before.

    I do not know what is going to happen next.

    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rather alarmed right now.
  2. 11-20-17

    I must come up with a daily schedule and a way to make significant accomplishments every day, or I am going to continue to have panic attacks very frequently, and they're going to get worse.

    I have exercise classes three nights a week, so that's a start.
  3. updates on... well it's back there somewhere

    More and more of the things I've been expecting to happen here are happening here.

    I can see myself having severe panic attacks in the near future- much worse than I've been having.
  4. update on the update on the last update... something like that

    I've started attending exercise classes/assisted self-torture sessions at the local gym.

    I think I may try the treadmills again. I REALLY need to lose some fat.
  5. update on the last update

    Friday, I went to my first session of physical therapy for my lower back.

    I'm supposed to do therapy two days a week at the rehab place I went to Friday and one day a week at home.

    Plus, I'll be doing some "unofficial" therapy at the gym my mother and I are members of (exercise classes). Yes, I asked the rehab people about this, first.

    I've concluded that I need to stop doing the treadmills at the gym for a while. I didn't like coming to this ...
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