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  1. 2-7-18

    I'm finally making progress learning Spanish.

    Unfortunately, it's just about the ONLY thing I'm making progress with right now.
  2. 1-16-18

    We live in a world full of unsaved people.

    As times goes by, this is becoming more and more obvious to me.

    I'm about to do research on methods of witnessing to people- and ways to look for opportunities to do so.
  3. 1-1-18

    I'm back to reading the New King James Version of the Bible.


    Time and time again, I've told myself and others that I'm not going to continue living with my grandmother much longer. Time and time again, I chose to extend how long I continue living with my grandmother. As of right now, assuming she lives to 94, and that she isn't put in a nursing home and/or hospital, and is no longer living in her house, I intend to stay until she turns 94. Then, I will probably extend ...

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  4. 12-6-17

    My grandmother is now 3/4 of the way through 93.


    I've figured out that I tire out quickly. This is making it hard for me to loose weight. It's also making it hard for me to do yard work.

    I also have poor flexibility and poor balance.
  5. This has long bothered me.

    Many times, I've simply told various people (not necessarily people on this board) that I'm trying to do a Bible study and I get told "A head knowledge doesn't equal a heart knowledge.".


    The last thing a person trying to do a Bible study needs is to get attacked like this for simply saying they're trying to do a Bible study.
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