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  1. I may have commented on this before...

    ... but I feel I must comment on this again.

    As more and more time goes by, the more appalled I am at the complete and utter SHAMELESSNESS of people all around me about their sin.

    There was a time in my life when I was "pigging out" on sin every waking moment of my life. I did this because I was enjoying it. I would be telling a lie if I denied any of this.

    What I see all around me every day goes beyond what I was doing. If I had been accused ...
  2. Thoughts of the day 8/24/12

    I have been addressing a lot of the same hurdles lately. The hurdle of the season seems to be that of the bible itself. I talk with people about the Lord all the time. Most people don't necessarily dismiss God, they just have their own opinion of who and what God is. The primary reason for such diversity is that people don't have a basis for what they believe. They believe what feels good and makes since to them. I am being conditioned in my evangelism to be more careful in approaching an issue ...
  3. James...part 36

    "A Strong Word of Warning...Part II"

    As we have seen, James opens the fifth chapter, which is really a continuation of the last paragraph of the fourth chapter, with a condemnation of those who abuse and lust after riches. He is talking to a culture that viewed the rich as largely favored by God, and the ones who were closest to Him. But, as James cries out, they are saving up a treasure which will rot and consume them. It is a warning to those who abuse the things of this world, ...
  4. notice

    Again, a situation has come up where I might not be able to get on here for a while.
  5. 8-21-12

    I have various projects I'm currently working on.

    I'm trying to learn more about the Middle East. This will help with Bible study.

    I'm confused about what is and isn't part of the Middle East.

    I'm also confused about what is and isn't part of the Far East.