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  1. Life.

    Is it really worth Gold.

    The road to hell is paved with gold … That’s what I’m told … That’s what they say … I just pray you’ll show us the way … Every day I pray … Gold is all around the poor don’t have a say … Help us cope with the way we should go today … Reading your word is a good and excellent way … Allowing you Lord Jesus to dwell deep within from the belly rivers of living will flow. Reading And Listening to Philippians 1. Alan
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  2. The plumber came today.

    The plumber came today.

    The plumber came today with our new taps with levers on to make it easier on the hands … They were fixed in no time at all wonderful … The plumbers Father is now 80 years old just one more reminder of how fast time goes by … It was nice to have a chat and soon he was finished … I asked if he could fix our stop tap which leaks a bit … It needed packing round the tap mechanism … He’s returning in a few days to do further work on the pipe work below the stop tap which ...
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  3. One of my jobs today.

    One of my jobs today.

    One of my jobs today … Renew the washers in the sink taps … Almost all of my working life as a joiner I have been taught to concentrate on my own profession as a joiner … Avoiding other areas such plumbers electricians … Not straying into their expertise … After all that I tried renewing the washers in the sink taps Which were about 40 years old … The top of one of the taps had seized and I didn’t have the expertise to release it … So instead I forced it off and broke the inner ...
  4. A foreboding.

    A foreboding.

    A foreboding of life can suddenly appear … The next life can come most near when in this life we feel a little fear … We only know this life we hang on even through a tear … The next life promises to be a place without fear … This life is a preparation for a life of death below or if we choose life eternal with Jesus … We went away for the weekend booked ahead … The accommodation wasn’t very good so we asked for an upgrade we couldn’t believe what we were given … It was ...
  5. In any one day.

    What can I say In any one day.

    In a day something can happen which explains a spiritual word … When Jesus sets us free we are free indeed … Does it mean where free to do what we want … No … When we except Jesus s offer of new life … We can accept or decline … Even if we except we still can change our mind … By accepting his new life we don’t become a robot that is under control … By accepting Jesus into our life our sins are forgiven and we can begin to walk in the light … Or we can choose to continue ...