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  1. Defeated Christians

    [COLOR=Blue]... One of the saddest things that I see in the church today are Defeated Christians. How in the world did they decide they were defeated? In the last three verses we are given a charge, by the LORD, Himself to go forth and to make disciples of men and women, everywhere in the earth. In verse 18 Jesus assures us that He has been given all authority and in the Gospels we find that Jesus defeated Satan on the Cross at Calvary and that all our sins have been forgiven.[/COLOR]
  2. 14. Provision

    Matthew 6:8

  3. Perspectives from the South Pacific

    Blog. Just the name put me off. But I guess when there is new technology and it needs a name, all the best ones are taken. Oh well. So it seems everyone has one these days, and who wants to be left out?
    So here I am. In case some of you don't know where New Zealand is,(and not many, unsurprisingly do) it is a small island country way down in the South Pacific, about 1000 miles east of Australia and not much more than that north of the antarctic.
    I believe there are about 5 1/2million ...
  4. Our Cat History

    Speaking of cats in my first blog, I want to mention that LIbby, the cat in my avitar passed away suddenly in March. She'd been with us for 6 years. She was absolutely adorable, sweet, kind and never demanding like so many animals. A very gentle soul.
    We wondered why God let her leave us so soon but even our pets are in His hands.
    I went to te end of my garden and with a pick ax broke through the frozen ground and put her in the hole in a box I made for her and with tears flowing said ...
  5. Turning our back on God

    Exodus describes how the Children of Israel turned away from God time and time again. When Moses went up Sinai to get the 10 Commandments they turned their backs. Time and time again they doubted, and complained, and grumbled. And we, sanctimoniously say "How could they do that after all they had seen. And yet . . . and yet we do the same thing.

    Oh, I know what you are saying. We don't doubt God. But don't you? I know that I do. I do it when I'm having a problem and ...
    The Journey