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  1. All Things Work Together For Good

    This is one of the things the Lord keeps speaking over and over to me, whenever I get scared or down or discouraged. This past two weeks has been a crazy string of events, from my boyfriend buying a vehicle and it being totalled to me finally finding out why I have been feeling so horrible these past few months. I found out a week ago that I have Hypothyroidism, a condition where my body doesn't produce a certain hormone. It doesn't sound like a big deal till I found out that this certain hormone ...
  2. Green!!

    Yea!! Everything is starting to turn green again!! How fitting for St. Patrick's Day. I took several pictures yesterday of the birds eating in the grass and some of my March flowers blooming. I worked in the yard yesterday and did some digging... the robins were thankful as I dug up some worms with the dirt. I got several pictures of them too. I hope to one day get a picture of a robin pulling a worm up out of the ground.

    I posted one of my favorites from yesterday in the photography ...

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  3. Testing 1,2,3

    So this is my first post...why are first posts always so hard to write? I punch keys for a few minutes and then dislike what I wrote so I wind up hitting the "Backspace" button more than any of the other keys. I have actually attempted to write two other blogs. I am ashamed to say I pretty much abandoned one and the other I have constant technical problems with, so it doesn't get much, if any, attention.
    Well, I guess any good blog needs a proper introduction and here is a ...
  4. Patience, Patience

    I find myself getting aggravated at my fellow college students who find themselves engaging in the Spring Break "party" atmosphere of drinking, sex, and drug usage. I find myself falling on deaf ears about how dangerous this is and how crazy it is to engage in it. I hope the Lord will show me how I can do this lovingly and perhaps in a way to get through to those my age without seeing prudish or pushing them too far. I am doing okay, just nervous about getting my degree and learning to ...
  5. 3.16.08

    On Friday Mom went to a follow-up appointment at the doctor. Evidently when they went in to remove the lymph node, they removed 7... not just 1 as we had understood. None of us remember him telling us that, so we were a bit upset with this news. They said they had seen increased activity in the nodes. So they weren't cancerous but it was like cancer was working on forming. I am glad they did remove them to be careful, but I wish they would have told us...

    Her mass that was removed was ...

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    My mother's battle