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  1. How the World Turns

    Well, just got the results back from my lab work. I do have low thyroid and have to start taking pills and they said I have some joint inflammation. Things are going well at school, nearly there for my associate's

    Then the real work begins on my bachelor's degreeI have had allergies galore lately because of all the rain which has caused humidity to skyrocket. We can use the rain but I hate the mugginess that comes with it! I could use some prayers. A guy I liked and still ...
  2. My spiritual journey

    I originally posted this in Testimonies July 12th, 2008, 09:34 PM. I wanted to post it in my Blog to make it easier for people to find.


    I was adopted as an infant and knew this from an early age. Although my mama and daddy made me feel special I always felt like something was missing. Like a piece of me was gone. However, from the moment I had conscious thought I felt a spiritual presence in my heart. I attended church as a young child with my mama ...

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  3. What is safe to one...

    I'm reflecting heavily tonight (as I delay sleep and therefore 'tomorrow') on the future.... I once told God that I was never going to college. Nope, no sir, not me. See, I've found this program that looks great, still get a great biblical education and all... nice, small environment and it's even in my home state! Sounds great!

    Then one day I wake up and realize, "I do not want to move to another country. That has never been my passion. What have I done?" And ...
  4. Join in my Blog!!!

    I just found this blog on!Not sure how it works or how can anyone post on my blog.I will learn as time goes by....I'll be back to blog"something"
    But, welcome to those who visit me.
    Blessings in our Lord!
    cdo ///Darlene

    P.S.I hope I find my way back

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  5. I Have Heard You Calling

    I previously posted this in Poetry in the Christ Life section, September 29th 2007, at 01:10 PM. I have reworked it and wanted to make it a part of my blog.

    I Have Heard You Calling

    When my journey first began I was so sure
    of where I was and who I had become.
    I thought I had it all figured out.
    I was so set in my ways.

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