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  1. Sunday Sermons...

    On my blog Encourage Galore, I am going to start something called Sunday Sermons. What that is, is it's about GOD, and, it will have encouragement mixed right in with it. So, that means I am going to have one entry per week. GOD has told me to slow down with this for right now. To read more about it go to my blog, and, click on Announcement. I do not have my blog linked to my soggy anymore, so, if you need it, please check here for it.
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  2. She is back.....

    by , Dec 29th 2007 at 03:32 PM (Life with me............)
    Well Taryn is home from OK. Life will return to normal chaos. My house is trashed...but I only have one puppy now to worry about. I know all 4 puppies will b loved.....but I still miss them.

    It is dreary out today and it is hard to gt motiated.....I have wanted to sleep alot....maybe I need it?

    Thank you God for bringing Taryn home are an awesme God.......
  3. Benefactor

    Priceless treasures wait for those
    Who seek the benefactor
    We must put some effort in
    And not just be an actor
    For when we finally get fed up
    With striving to be good
    Then we release our Spirit man
    Into our hearts of wood
    Which delicately need a prune
    Of all that's dead and rotten
  4. My Daily bible study In Bible Study Forum

    Hey, peeps, it's just me, ACE, known to most as Dana, wanting to remind you all that I am going to be doing very easy bible studies with Marion, Little bit, Seeker of truth's daughter, in the bible study forum. I hope you all will join me, and, take part in this wonderful study.

    The furst study is of Luke. I have set some rules as to how I want the study done. So, once I get it okayed, or, not, I will let you all know. Just look for my name as the first thread starter most likely
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  5. Club

    You're a member of a club
    That has no joining fee
    Begun by Adam, years ago
    It's there for you and me
    Anything you want to do
    Is laid there on a plate
    The only drawback is, in time
    It will decide your fate.

    Satan is your shady host
    He loves ...