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  1. Anger at things Part 1

    Well a while ago, I was pretty annoyed, to put it kindly, at everything. You might not really remember that, well I am really angry at the world we live in and the need for me to the utmost and the world to look to God for our rock and salvation from death and suffering.

    Well the first thing I think I was to talk about is, Me. And I think if I remember correctly, there is the world and the church after this to knock down I believe.

    So me? What am I to be annoyed about ...

    Updated May 14th 2008 at 10:03 AM by abidinglife (hmm what happened to my beautiful paragraphing?)

    I am angry
  2. Bittersweetness

    Blog? What's a blog? A public diary? Just the thought of reading something that's as private as a diary never really appealed to me, and never in a million years did I think I'd write one, but here goes.

    Just an aside: The doctor is putting me on a different depression med - so if this doesn't make much sense it's the med's fault, right?? (you gotta agree with me here, or I'm not writing anymore).

    Mother's Day, bittersweetness.

    Being a daughter, I've always ...
  3. Changes

    The other day as I sat having lunch with my cousin, we got on the topic of leading a Christian lifestyle and I mentioned how some people think it's difficult to do this yet, I found it very easy. She said that her daughter's family felt the same way, that it isn't a difficult lifestyle to lead. I told her how it seems like we barely even watch tv anymore and she said "my daughter said the same thing, but I can't live without my tv!" ...
  4. Crazy May

    Oh my goodness. I will be so glad when school is out. I have so much stuff going on. The end of school gets so crazy anyways. I believe I have 2 or 3 more real teaching days where our schedules aren't completely abnormal... and one of those is today. We have 9 1/2 more school days. It's going to be wild.
  5. 5-6-08

    I am so happy to report that Mom has been doing much better!!

    We are going to all go and eat dinner at my grandparents. I have a special gift I am making for her. I am going to try to finish it in the morning so I can give it to her tomorrow.
    My mother's battle