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  1. All I Can Say Is This

    I am really having a good day today!!!!!!!!!!!!! The LORD is Blessing me fully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really enjoying the forums since I came back here, after I got a few things straightened out. Hint hint TBR!!!!!!! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. And, most importantly, thank you GOD for showing me that I should not give up on my brothers, and, sisters in CHRIST at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys are special!!!!!!!!!!!! So, special in fact you are the reason(s) I decided ...
  2. 3.11.08

    I went to see Mom after school today. She looked well and was in great spirits.

    My father told me something so sweet yesterday and today, I shared it with my mother. She cried, but from what she shared with me afterwards, I believe the Lord wanted her to hear what Dad had to say. Hopefully that will help mom let go of something she has been holding on to and not forgiving herself for, for years.

    Then she mad me cry. She said one day she wanted to be as good as a Christian ...
    My mother's battle
  3. updatee.

    1. my boyfriend broke up with me to date another girl.
    2. another guy that i thought really cared about me "doesn't want a committment."
    3. i don't have many friends because of all the rumors going around about me, how i am such a bad person and i have slept around. not true.
    4. i am madly in love and he doesn't care.
    5. my mom and i cannot seem to get along.
    6. i haven't been to church in over a month because of my mom.
    7. youth convention is this month, but i don't know if i can go yet.
  4. Surgery Day

    We arrived at the hospital around 10 in the morning to do paperwork. At 11, the doctor gave mom three shots with a dye in them that would go to her lymph nodes. Forty-five minutes later she went to X-Ray where they looked at her lymph nodes (shown by the dye) and gave her some kind of medicine (something to calm her down I think). She came back and told us over and over again that she wanted a ham and cheese omelet.

    Right at 1:00, they took her in for surgery which last about ...

    Updated Mar 11th 2008 at 02:56 AM by FaithfulSheep

    My mother's battle