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  1. Hell

    Hell! Not a very popular subject. One we try to avoid. One few, if any, churches preach or teach about. On any given Sunday morning (or Saturday, or Friday, whenever you choose to worship) I dare say few, if any, preachers will even mention hell, let alone make it the subject of their sermon.

    But it's not a subject that Christ avoided, In fact 13% of his teachings refer to eternal judgment and hell, and 2/3rds of his parables relate to resurrection and judgement. So lets be clear on ...
    The Journey
  2. You Are An Overcomer

    God created you to be an overcomer! Sometimes, it's easy to get down and discouraged when things aren't going the way you planned. If you go around thinking, "It's never going to work out" or "It's never going to get better", you limit what God can do. But if, when you face difficulties, you dig your heels in—knowing that God is bigger than your problems—your faith will open the door for God to turn your negative situation around!
    Isaiah 54:17 says that, "No weapon ...
  3. From the rooftop

    My first job in construction was roofing. That was about 40 years ago. Since then I've done everything from remodeling houses, building skyscrapers to working on bridges. In January of 2003 on a construction site the snow had completely filled up a hole in the ground. Yours truly fell into it, totally unintentionally as I was unaware it even existed. One moment I was walking along, the next I was laying in the bottom of a hole.
    I think most of us have discovered life can be like that. Most ...
  4. A Home for Danna

    The summer of 2005 fifteen year old Madelon came to stay with our family for several months while her mother picked up the loose ends of a move from out of state. She brought with her two cats, Lexie and Nilla. My nine year old son Alex had never had an opportunity to play with a cat. Once he saw the beautiful Nilla it was love at first sight and only a matter of time. Madelon began high school, helped Alex with his homework and was a wonderful friend to all of us. Madelon told us the story of her ...

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    The LynBlog
  5. And it has been forever

    Yeah, it's like been months since I was last active on the Board. Seems every time I wander in recently, I end up putting my foot in my mouth, and running off again. Ah...well...

    So, I am back again, for a while. I guess I once again need a place to feel connected to other people I care about. Sad, though, that the only two "user notes" I ever got were written by friends who are no longer on the Board themselves.

    I've seen a lot of people come and go. Some, ...