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  1. Again

    I back Slid again. Friday and Yesterday I have not been who God wants me to be. I feel into some of My old habits. I was swearing again, and stuff. Problem is I was with Kris (My bf for almost 6 years) And he is not saved, so there was no accountability. I love Kris and I am not ready to leave him. I don't know what God will have me do in the coming weeks or months but right now I'm not ready to leave him. He is my main support system. I love him... I really do. There are other things in our
  2. Earth's Free-Float in Space.

    Job 26:7 "He stretches out the North over the empty place, and hangs the Earth upon nothing"

    The bible claimed that the Earth floated freely in space.

    Science once thought that the Earth was held up or sat on a large animal.

    The bible knew, way before science did.
    The Bible knew.
  3. Stars

    Jeremiah 33:22 (written 2500 years ago) "As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, neither the sand of the sea measured"

    The bible claimed that there were billions of stars. "Host of heaven" being the biblical term for stars.

    When the bible made this statement, there were only a limited amount of stars visible, as we know the human eye can only detect about 1500 to 2000 stars. But now we know that there are so many stars that we can not number them. ...
    The Bible knew.
  4. Battle won!

    I can't believe I didn't put this in my blog!

    On Thursday, November 13th, my mother finished her last radiation!! It has been 8 months, since Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    One continued prayer request - she still has not gotten her feeling back in her fingers.

    Today, on Thanksgiving Day, our family has so much to be thankful for!!
    My mother's battle
  5. Read the Bible in 2009

    The plan I use is not on the internet. However, the plan that Shoal Creek Community Church posts on their website is identical except for a chapter here and there. It has readings for every day of the year except February 29th. It takes an average of about 13 minutes a day. Some days are over 20 minutes. Some are as short as 9 minutes (I get the time from audio Bibles, not my own reading pace). It's generally chronological. So if Samuel and Kings or Chronicles have the same story, you read both ...