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  1. hiya again

    HI all again, it’s another day, that the Lord has given. Another boring blog of me rambling on and on I am in front of the computer again, I worked for ages and ages about five hours in front of the computer yesterday. My eyes hurt as I face another day just staring doing work, getting distracted and posting stuff on here.

    Anyway, yeah so school. Yes I am pretty confused. Like in Calc, I was so confused like it was a time warp back to Primary (elementary I believe for Americans). ...
  2. Fourth Pew on the Right

    by , Feb 25th 2008 at 02:34 PM (My small part in appreciating the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.)
    Fourth Pew on the Right

    I love going to Church. When I walk through the doors, I can count on two things for sure:
    • Gods living message will be delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit
    • I will sit in the same seat with the same brothers and sisters, every time.
    It occurred to me that every week I am predictable in my walk with our Lord. I go to Church and other than a 5-minute, “meet and greet” I am not getting to know my other brothers and sisters in the Lord. I ...
  3. Lies

    Do you ever have things like this or am I the only one? One day you're up and full of faith, the next you feel deflated and ready to give up. What looked bright and sunny yesterday, appears dark and gloomy today. The result is often a mood where you just feel like crawling into bed and go to sleep, hoping that reality looks better when you wake up.

    My weekend was like that. Thursday and Friday, I could tell my faith was being tested. God had recently spoken to me to raise my shield ...
  4. Hi this i think is meant to be a blog

    Hey apparently this is my blog.

    So am i meant to write stuff on this blog. I hope someone find me interesting to read. Well here go i will blurt out stuff. Ready?

    Well hi there i am fifteen and live in Wellington New Zealand. I love living in windy wellingtion as people like to call it, quite warm at the mo tho and barely a whisper of wind.

    I read several other blogs on this website before and i was impressed, how could these people write for that long, like ...

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  5. God can even use my cat!...

    Let's just say I'm not the best person to have a pet...I like them and all, I just don't relate to them like some of you do.
    We have a cat. We have had her for 14 years. My kids adored her and spoiled her. She was a happy cat...and then my children grew up and left the home...I have a cat. Her name is Tanya:

    Every day, every single day, every hour Tanya meows for canned food.

    This morning as I was trying to do a Bible study...she started meowing. I ignored ...