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  1. The Way

    The way of God is narrow,
    The way of God is tough,
    You wibble wobble on the way,
    And flounder in the rough.

    Like a child,you climb back on,
    And off you go again,
    Resistance blows and batters you,
    It really is a pain.

    Something keeps you going,
    A force that works for ...
  2. Internet Hypocrisy validated by Country Music

    I don't usually listen to country music. Why? Well because! Is that sufficient?

    I was surfing the car radio for some good Christmas music when I stumbled upon a song by a Parsley dude. What caught my attention is how his song talks about that he is only 5'3", stuby, greasy haired but that he could easily hide his identity from the world on the internet. He makes himself to be a 6'5"-Tall, dark and handsome. How he loves to do a threesome online in a chat with two other women.
  3. New Bible

    I got a new study Bible today (the one I had mentioned in a thread in Anything Goes). I have started reading it and I like all the extra footnotes and points to ponder it has. It also places a special emphasis on apologetics.
  4. Help!!

    by , Dec 20th 2007 at 07:45 PM (Life with me............)
    Today is hard...the last day of school and Trucker has to be a real jerk. Not trying, not caring, acting up. it is 2:38 and I am wiped out.

    I still need to correct Taryn's stuff today.............


  5. I Want To Thank....

    Hey, guys, I just want to thank the following people here for their support through this time in my life.

    Mamaw Judy, Mieke, Emma, Kay, Becky, And, anyone else I have forgotten to say thanks you to. I just want to thank you guys for supporting my decision.

    I know that I said a lot of 'I am rid of her, and, 'I am getting revenge on her'. But, I am finally rid of her for good. She isn't going to email me back, and, even if she does, then, I am going to ignore it.
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