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  1. I Want To Thank....

    Hey, guys, I just want to thank the following people here for their support through this time in my life.

    Mamaw Judy, Mieke, Emma, Kay, Becky, And, anyone else I have forgotten to say thanks you to. I just want to thank you guys for supporting my decision.

    I know that I said a lot of 'I am rid of her, and, 'I am getting revenge on her'. But, I am finally rid of her for good. She isn't going to email me back, and, even if she does, then, I am going to ignore it.
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  2. Kingdom Tyres

    Kingdom tyres, the place to go
    When your treads are wearing low
    On that narrow road you’ll slide
    With the world, you will collide
    Get a grip, digest The Word
    Then you’ll fly, just like a bird.

    If your battery sadly dies
    Then your charge will soon subside
    You will fail to to glow and ...
  3. About My blog On

    Hello, guys, and, gals, I have something to tell you:

    I am not in the mood to write in my blog until this weekend on Why? I just had my girlfriend break up with me last night at about 9:30. If you want to read more about that please go to Counseling Requests for more on that.

    I am just not in the mood to be giving out words of encouragement to people that I know need them, but, I wouldn't feel right to give them. It would feel awkward for me to do that, ...
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  4. My wife has all the brains

    My wife came up with the greatest idea for Christmas. It's taken me a few weeks to digest but I am wholeheartedly in agreement.

    She suggested a few weeks ago not to do the traditional gift thing. Instead she got the kids to agree to have an open house and had out leaflets at the local Salvation Army for those interested to just pop by for some finger food and hot cider.

    Now, that required a little bit of convincing I have to admit. Afterall, most of the regulars at the ...
  5. 5. Surrender

    I was listening to a song this morning and the wheels in my head began to turn. Compounded with some scripture I have been reading or led to by others through their reading of the Bible I now wonder… as a Christian do we say to God, “Look what I have done” or do we say, “Look what YOU have done.”

    To have a servants heart also means to accept the fact that you are an instrument of God’s will in your life. God is in control, God is in the drivers seat, and what a blessing it is to see ...