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  1. Losts of Updates

    I've updated quite a bit since I've posted here. So yeah...check it all out...
  2. * Discernment * continued~~~

    *Discernment:* "A Gift of the Spirit" We are lead by The Holy Spirit from God. Jesus said: The Spirit would witness to us of what He wont's us to know.((Paraphrase))God's Spirit enter acting with our spirit. By this alone is how we are to follow and be lead of The Spirit which comes from our Father. As I had said before.....The Spirit of Discernment is and can be good or bad within the person.The struggle that I'm still facing has and still is very much stressful.I'm facing a couple at ...
  3. being Protestants in our world

    Martin Luther was a revolutionary. Protestants seem to forget that this German monk in the 1500ís turned the Christian faith around towards a self sacrificing faith. He was the one who stood up against the world, which was controlled by Catholicism and he alone stood up against the tide. Our world today in 2008 doesnít recognise this, we would rather be catholic (small c) than be protestant about the way the world is heading. Today I am proclaiming that we need to be Protestants in this world system, ...
  4. *Discernment*

    * Discernment*
    From God's Holy Spirit witnessing with my spirit.A gift from God that He has blessed me with.The gift that has been working within my spirit for an unknown length of time but,has been working through me mighty the last year or so.Most likely if I had of taken heed of it sooner, I could understand it more. Now, I understand more of how the Holy Spirit works in my Christian life as each day goes by.A long time ago I thought that by my spirit not being in agreement to some other ...
  5. Focus on the Lord

    Who are we focused on? Are we praying or are we just looking at the devil act a fool?

    1. He is the ruler of Hell and an enemy to God
    2. He can work through people
    3. He is clever (will come as an angel of light) daring (wolf in sheep's clothing) energetic (as a roaring lion seeking whom he can destroy)
    He will annoy you, torment you, (inflict pain) physically and mentally and harass you (wear you out with frequent attacks).

    It's not like we haven't ...