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  1. My Daily bible study In Bible Study Forum

    Hey, peeps, it's just me, ACE, known to most as Dana, wanting to remind you all that I am going to be doing very easy bible studies with Marion, Little bit, Seeker of truth's daughter, in the bible study forum. I hope you all will join me, and, take part in this wonderful study.

    The furst study is of Luke. I have set some rules as to how I want the study done. So, once I get it okayed, or, not, I will let you all know. Just look for my name as the first thread starter most likely
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  2. Club

    You're a member of a club
    That has no joining fee
    Begun by Adam, years ago
    It's there for you and me
    Anything you want to do
    Is laid there on a plate
    The only drawback is, in time
    It will decide your fate.

    Satan is your shady host
    He loves ...
  3. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! I am feeling AWESOME!!!!!!!! I am feeling AWESOME because the LORD is working in me right now, and, I know He is working in you too. If He is say yes. If not, then, you need to work too.

    The reason HE is working in me right now is because of me wanting to get my lazy bum off the couch, and, get out, and, make friends beyond the computer screen.

    Will I come on to the forums? Of, course I will. Once I get enrolled into Steuben ARC, it won't be like I do ...
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  4. 2 more puppies.....

    by , Dec 27th 2007 at 10:48 PM (Life with me............)
    We are giving away our last 2 male puppies tonight.

    I am sad, but we can't keep them.

    I am praying for the Lord to give them good homes
  5. babysitting

    Yeah, I am babysitting my nephew because my sister went to the hospital. She is pregnant and she has been feeling really sick lately so she called the doctor and he said to go to the hospital. I hope everything is alright. Her husband is working so I'm just glad I can help by babysitting.

    So Christmas just happened. Nothing exciting as usual. We went to my g'ma's house and then went to a church service. She lives about 3 hours from us so the time we got back home it was about 2 in ...