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    John 14:20 I am in Christ, and Christ is in me.
    John 14:27 I have peace.
    John 15:9 I am loved by Jesus
    John 16:27 I am loved by the Father.
    John 17:9 I belong to God.
    John 13:13 I have the full joy of Jesus.

    Let's remember who we are in Christ. Amen!!

    Updated Aug 31st 2008 at 01:00 AM by livingwaters

    Promises from Our Heavenly Father
  2. It is Written, My Heavenly Father says.....

    These are some of the things my Heavenly Father says:

    Matt 5:13 I am the salt of the earth.
    Matt 5:14 I am the light of the world.
    Luke 11:9-10 I ask and receive; I seek and find; I knock and the door is opened unto me.
    John 3:36 I have eternal life.
    John 5:24 I have passed from death to life.
    John 8:31-32 The truth has set me free.

    Sometimes we need to remember who we are in Christ. Satan does his best to try and confuse us in our daily ...

    Updated Aug 31st 2008 at 01:00 AM by livingwaters

    Promises from Our Heavenly Father
  3. Challenges

    It seems that the sicker I get, the more challenging my life becomes and the more I want to study. It always seems that I'm running out of time and that I want to do so much more before I pass away. I received some great books for my birthday. One is to learn more about heaven, another is to learn to pray better and the third is a study on the book of Proverbs. I'm studying the book about heaven together with Charles, the prayer book on my own and the Proverbs study together with an online friend. ...
    Random thoughts
  4. Life with Jesus Christ

    Days in which I don't know who I am in Christ and what I should be doing for Christ!The spiritual battles I face daily.The fleshly temptations daily.The trials and tribulations I face daily.The list could go on & on....I wonder at times 'is their anything that I should be doing more for the Glory of My Jesus?' Of course !!! But as Paul said 'I do those things I should not do and do not those things I should do' But therefore there is no condemnation for those in Christ. However we still cannot ...

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    Life With Jesus Christ ///// up's & down's///thoughts
  5. Law and the Christian

    How was Israel saved? By works? No. By the law? No.
    They were saved by the blood of the Passover Lamb. In order to be saved by that blood they had to have faith in God's word that:
    a. There was a definite threat of death.(Rom 6:23)
    b. That the application of the blood of the Lamb would indeed protect them.
    " For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:".
    It was after they were saved that God showed them His law. They could not bypass Sinai. "This ...