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Poerty and prose

  1. Neon Lights

    Neon Lights

    Neon lights beckoning, inviting
    Souls to come over to play.
    Promising something exciting,
    If one should stray their way.

    Look at their bright colors flashing;
    Pretty they are to behold.
    Twisting and turning in patterns quite dashing,
    But now only half the story's been told.

    When the sun comes up and lightens the sky
  2. A Worthy Vessel

    A Worthy Vessel

    Since time immemorial the waves have roared
    Lashing and forming the sandy shores,
    Then still, then storm, then high, then low;
    Breaking where seawater ebb and flow.

    In perfect rhythm the tides come in -
    High and low and neap and spring,
    Ceaselessly moving and shaping the land;
    Breaking the shells into soft, white sand.
    Tags: trials, vessel
  3. The Book

    The Book
    You'll do well to take a look
    Within the pages of The Book
    To find out where you're coming from;
    To learn about God and His Son.

    Inspired by the Holy Ghost
    Guarded by the hallowed host;
    Penned by men in bygone ages -
    Prophets, poets, scribes and sages.

    A record of God's awesome deeds,
    Of human weaknesses
  4. Forever Unchanged.... *copyrighted*

    Forever Unchanged

    Glory to glory
    Faith to everlasting faith
    Stone upon stone we
    Lift up His name
    Singing allelujah!
    He remains the same
    Jesus our Savior
    Forever unchanged

    Hosanna! My King!
    Men may fail me
    But my Rock remains
    Forever unchanged
    I sing glory! Glory!
    My Lord, forever unchanged

    Mercy from on High
    Glorious sinless One
    Blessed, my Adonai
  5. Sing to God....

    Sing to God
    Sing praises to His name
    When you see all your past shame
    Sing to God

    Sing to God
    Who rides upon the clouds
    When hurt and pain abounds
    Sing to God

    For He is
    A Father when you have none
    And He is
    Your rescue when you are bound
    Yes He is
    Giver of sight to the blind
    Oh He is

    He is God

    Sing to God
    Sing praises to the LORD
    In Whom your strength is stored
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