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Poerty and prose

  1. Lean On Me

    Lean On Me
    When I was yet a tiny fir tree
    Shallow-rooted, supple, thin;
    Another young tree grew beside me
    And I thought it rude of him.

    I needed space; refused to share -
    Why couldn't he just go away?
    About his needs I did not care,
    But always wanted my own way.

    Then one fateful day at dawn
    As dew drops sparkled on my leaves,
  2. I Like the Night

    I Like the Night

    I love to stand in my garden at night
    When everything's lit by the moon's soft light;
    Listening to the rustling leaves
    Whilst flowers sway in the midnight breeze,
    And there above me - way up high
    I see the bejeweled velvet-clad sky:
    God's Creation at peace and at rest -
    Oh yes, I do like the night time best.

    © 2012 by Belinda van Rensburg
  3. A Whisper on the Wind

    A Whisper On the Wind

    A fog, a mist, a tear, a prayer,
    A shadow passing by;
    A choice, a test,
    No time to rest;
    Seemingly unfair.

    A word, a thought, a touch - a breath,
    A whisper on the wind;
    Now here, now gone:
    A snuffed out song,
    Fading into death.

    Life's short - it's here, then seen no more,
    Withering like grass;
    A time to choose
    Accept; refuse:
    To open up the door.
  4. Fright Night (a children's poem)

    Fright Night
    (A children's poem)

    In the deepest, darkest night
    After I've turned off the light
    Creatures lurk within my room
    Planning my demise and doom.

    They slither, slink and crawl around
    Making not the slightest sound;
    Waiting with abated breath
    To pounce and scare me half to death.

    My heart is pounding
  5. Chores (a children's poem)

    “I won't do it,” Sally said,
    “I will not clean my room.
    I will not sweep nor make my bed;
    I like the mess and gloom.”

    “I won't do it,” Sammy said,
    “I will not mow the lawn.
    I'd rather play with Ned and Ted
    And with my best friend Sean.”

    “Will not”
    “Can not”
    “Want not”
    “Shall not” -
    These words we must not say;
    When Mom or Dad ask us for help
    We should always obey.

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