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Poerty and prose

  1. United and Strong

    United and Strong
    by Belinda van Rensburg

    God's children walking hand in hand
    United; strong in Christ we stand
    On bended knees; our hearts aflame
    We call upon our Maker's Name.

    When trials come we will not fall
    For Christ will help us to stand tall
    Though times are tough and things are rough
    We'll cling to Him: He is enough.

    When fallen ones launch an attack
    Those saved by grace will stand;
  2. Evil Under the Sun

    Evil Under the Sun
    by Belinda van Rensburg

    How much evil's being done
    Right now beneath the blazing sun?
    How many people, children, babes
    Are being treated worse than slaves?

    Think upon the practice rife
    Which does deny souls' claim to life.
    Pain inflicted; blood has run -
    Murder, torture, just for fun.

    As in years and days gone past
    From the first sin till the last

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  3. The Way to the Father

    The Way to the Father
    by Belinda van Rensburg

    Think not that we can please our Creator
    By striving to earn a place in the Light;
    For there's no doubt that sooner or later
    We'll fall into sin and be banned from His sight.

    There's no other Way to the heart of the Father;
    Nothing but Christ's precious Blood will do -
    The pure, sinless Blood that our only Savior
    Shed as payment for me and for you.


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  4. God is Near (a children's poem)

    God is Near
    (a children's poem)

    by Belinda van Rensburg

    God is with us all the time
    Making sure we're safe and fine;
    Taking care of all our needs
    And helping us to do good deeds.

    In summer heat and winter cold
    We always have His hand to hold
    And though we're worried, glad or sad
    We're daily cared for by our Dad.

    God is near, in fact He's here
    And we don't have to live in fear
    Of anything or anyone
  5. Beneath His Wings

    Beneath His Wings
    When storms are raging 'round me
    And winds are blowing fierce,
    When demon hordes attack me
    And Satan's arrows pierce -

    I run to Christ my Rock
    And tell Him of my woes:
    Of how the demons mock;
    My every move oppose.

    Then safe beneath His wings
    And shielded from all harm,
    Life's storms and evil things
    Cannot disturb my calm.

    2012 by Belinda van Rensburg