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  1. Christ like behaviour.

    Hello writing can be a hazardous thing when we can say too much ... we must consider others who need to be protected because they might not want to be mentioned ... I woke in the middle of the night concerned about my bank account ... I'm sure you can understand that one ... it's been a heavy week of spending as needed to be ... When I first opened my bank account my financial record was not so good ... I'm not going to blame anyone but myself for my own state of affairs ... So it took some
  2. Something new.

    When you try something new you're not always sure what to do ... If we take from life's experiences it will show what to do ... In this place I will write . in that place I will audio ... No one told me what to do ... It's my conscience ... one way Jesus gets us through . in how we should do ... you might think my language strange ... but that's how I do ... I suppose its all down to Jesus what we should do ... explained in the Bible if we read it through ... day by day . ever new . explaining

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  3. - Selfish Motives –

    Ephesians 5:2, “Walk in love, as Christ also has loved us”
    1 Peter 1:22, “… love one another fervently with a pure heart”

    A young man who worked in a large brokerage house announced to his business associates that his wife was going to have a baby, which would be their first. As the due day drew near each day, he was very touched by the continual interest, his colleagues showed in her condition. One or more of them would come by his desk every day and ...
  4. Real Madrid Removes Cross from their Logo to Appease UAE Bank

    by , Dec 1st 2014 at 02:54 PM (The Effect of Darwin's Theory on Christianity in Europe.)
    Foxnews reported on November 26, 2014 that Real Madrid, one of the biggest Soccer cluds in the world has removed the Cross on their logo at the behest of their new business partners, UAE Bank.

    To some, this may appear insignificant or a mere business decision but it raises the question - if it matters to the religion of the owners of the UAE Bank, what does it say about our beliefs and religion here in the west? How serious are we with our own religion? Is our religion and Christian ...

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  5. This is my Decision

    This is my Decision
    Ruth 1
    I want you to say“this is my decision”

    There was a crisis going on then and there is a crisis goingon now, and you have to make a decision, Naomi had followed her husband to Moabbecause of the famine in Bethlehem, on the other side of the Dead Sea in Moab,the people were prospering, the land was good for grazing flocks of sheep andgoats, (the grass looked greener on the other side)

    Their sons were sickly Mahlon’s name meant weakling andKillion name ...