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  1. Saving Grace.

    Saving grace.

    My final resting place … I walk through the graveyard of life … cold as the stones that mark their place … quite a beautiful resting place … winter summer and fall that’s my resting place … of course that’s not all we have . spiritually . the promise of everlasting life … we don’t know what it will be like . this everlasting life … were told of hell not a nice place … heaven has to be the place … so
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  2. Martin and Malcolm moving toward the same goal

    Because of the turmoil that has been going in my community, I have thought back on the struggles these two men went through to only advance the improvement of life for their people.

    It seems that some still revere Malcolm X as a racist, however when he died he was becoming more like Martin, and Martin was understanding where Malcolm was coming from and the two of them became admirers of each other.

    Before ones can judge an individual, ones need to know that their is always ...
  3. The garden of time ...

    The garden of time ...

    The sun has shone summer suddenly came ... the clouds appear and summer has gone ... still wearing my jumper it must be cold I took it off and put it on ... we have a wonderful garden trouble is . it can take a lot to maintain ... it's a mature garden and some of the bushes and branches have become intertwined ... much like my Wife and I in the garden of time ...

    Listening to Daniel 7. Alan :-)
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  4. The book of Daniel.

    My Nation.

    Into captivity we go what a blow ... clever ways they take the power away as our enemy has its way ... taking the power of our nation away ... not a blow of a sword more subtle a way ... little by little they whittle away undermining what the Bible does say ... there has to be consequences of the dilution of what the Bible does say.

    Listening to Daniel 1. and what the Bible does say ... Alan :-)

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  5. 88. God's Path or a God-free Zone?

    Posted this on Facebook on Monday, 25 May...

    “Every counselee is a worshiper and at the end of the day (and session), their problems are a function of what or whom and how they worship. To counsel persons made by; like, and for God means that there are no God-free zones in the counselee’s life or counseling (113) - Kellermen, Gospel-Centered Counseling.

    I'd like to point out a powerful part of this statement, "there are no God-Free zones in the counselee's ...