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  1. A Revelation.

    I lay on my borrowed bed a plain white ceiling I could see … With six flush lights it was still daylight … I decided I would listen to Revelation six … Before it played I saw the colour red as I looked up to the ceiling . that night.

    Listening to Revelation 6. Alan
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  2. The words will come when you start to write.

    I don’t have anything to say … So why am I writing here today … I cant help myself I must write and empty myself with what I say … I listened to Revelation five and what it had to say … Of course it’s not an it and I didn’t understand all of what the spirit had to say … Never the less I must have learnt something today midst all the organised chaos of the day … Not to take offense at a family members anger and what they might have to say … ...
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  3. Living in the City.

    Living in the City.

    19.6.2014 | 19:05 |
    The beautiful smells of summer … Suddenly it’s arrived after longing for a while … Walking from where I parked .. The smell of blossoms in the air … The warm breeze allowing petals to leave the tree’s … Or was it a dirty old wagon … Brushing the tree as it went rushing by.

    We can hide in the City were so many people abide … We cannot hide from the makers smile … Why are you trying to hide when you should be by my side …
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  4. Of Galaxies and Things (a children's poem)

    Of Galaxies and Things
    (a children's poem)

    There are galaxies galore
    In the universe;
    Billions upon billions more
    Countless and diverse.

    Our galaxy, the Milky Way
    Has glowing spiral arms.
    Beautiful; a grand display
    Lovely; full of charm.

    Eight planets orbit our sun;
    Four near - the others far;
    The inner and the outer ones
    Sailing 'round our star.

    Each on a solitary course
  5. Those falling leaves.

    Those falling leaves.

    Summer has passed it just didn’t seem to last … Autumn is here this will be the last … Talk to those in spring and all the joy of life can bring … Even in autumn there is a spring looking forward to all that can bring … It will be glorious when the summer of autumn arrives … Without Jesus what could you sing maybe your bank balance could give you a zing … Of course autumn brings the falling of the leaves beautiful colours a wonderful thing ...
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