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  1. 90. Thought for the day...

    Just posted on Facebook.

    Thought for the day after reading John 6:1-14...

    When you pray to God for purpose and for guidance in how you are to serve Him. DO NOT be deterred from His work when an overwhelming task lies before you. As a disciple, seize such a moment and rely on the power of God to assist you to accomplish His work. Always remember, when you desire to be a servant of God, there will be times when the work to be done, CANNOT be done by you alone. ...
  2. Was the Jubilee Year an Ancient Calendar Formula?

    There has been debate among biblical scholars concerning the Jubilee year inaugurated after Israelís release from Egypt. It appears to be the last year in a cycle of fifty, hence our popular anniversary events which are celebrated every fifty years. However, a significant minority of authorities disagree with the said length of time. They point out that Jubilee was part of a broader sabbatical system, necessarily divisible by seven. Judah the Prince, a second century rabbi and chief editor of ...

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  3. A closer look at Daniel 7

    by , Oct 1st 2016 at 01:47 PM (The Effect of Darwin's Theory on Christianity in Europe.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Revelation Man View Post
    This really concerns me--maybe it's because I've been reading things Premil for so long? If Rome was the "beast," and I agree with you that in some respects it was, then the "beast" must still be around, because Rome is still around!
    The Beast are only Beasts because they Conquer or enslave Israel. The Four in Daniel, Babylon, Persia, Greece an Rome all had this in Common, and the Little Horn and 10 Kings arising out of the old Fourth Beast will also Conquer Israel. That
  4. The Good Fight

    One thing Christians not always taught nor modeled thoroughly enough it this - fighting!

    Are you tired of the torments of sin? Sin is indeed a terrible thing. And the thing about the devil is - he plays hardball. Once you are down and defeated - he doesn't stop tormenting you with sin.

    His sickening plan of action is to get you and me and everyone else in bondage to a particular sin - and that will make us nervous, guilty, worried, spiritually anxious, ...
  5. another situation has come up

    I'm about to send a PM to a moderator about this, but have decided not to publically post about it with a blog.

    Again, I plan to check in occasionally, but it may be years until I can post regularly again.