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  1. Smokescreens and spoiled fruit....

    I recently became alarmed at the amount of articles online now a days about "the homosexual agenda". Can't seem to comb through the disqus website without running into at least two or three. And the consensus seems to always be the same. A rant from one blogger or another about how the gays are out to get us all.

    I'm fully aware of how this article is starting out. Fully aware of how it is going to read to some people. My hope, however, is that I get MOST of you to ...
  2. The walled garden.

    The walled garden.

    In the middle of the city is a walled garden once open to the public … now there are only family members who can enter in …they've paid the price to enter in … the owner of the garden lives within . close the gates except for those within.

    Listening to 1 Timothy 6. Alan :-)
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  3. Listening.


    Speak plainly . not so easy without wisdom . ask straight away . been their before . compose a poem . it will speak to one . different to another . what have we learnt over time . protect the innocent in what we say . expose evil were shown straight away.

    Listening to 1 Peter 5. Alan :-)
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  4. Evil wickedness there's no doubt.

    Evil wickedness there's no doubt.

    Let them gather together from a hundred countries … let there evil be together in one place … good will overcome the wickedness seen from many a place … who deceived you to commit the abominations gather yourselves together in one place … let your hatred of mankind turn you to dust … trust the one who so loved the World he gave his only begotten Son … Jesus said these things would come … there like the tares amongst the wheat we know who will ...

    Updated May 5th 2016 at 05:50 AM by Amencorner

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  5. Face.

    Don’t be frightened of their face … Jesus will never leave your space … they say who is this man to take his place … my words are here for you to win this race.

    Listening to Psalms 103. Alan
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