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  1. Blogging today 2.

    Please find my audio blog for today a direct link ...


    Listening to Revelations 21. Alan :-)
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  2. Blogging today.

    Hello please find my audio blog for today

    Link to audio

    Listening to Psalms 119. Alan :-)

    P.S. you might have noticed I use large writing ... there are some members with vision problems ... so in some respects using audio as well can be a help.
  3. The walled garden.

    The walled garden.

    In the middle of the city is a walled garden once open to the public … now there are only family members who can enter in …they've paid the price to enter in … the owner of the garden lives within . close the gates except for those within.

    Listening to 1 Timothy 6. Alan :-)
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  4. Listening.


    Speak plainly . not so easy without wisdom . ask straight away . been their before . compose a poem . it will speak to one . different to another . what have we learnt over time . protect the innocent in what we say . expose evil were shown straight away.

    Listening to 1 Peter 5. Alan :-)
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  5. Evil wickedness theirs no doubt.

    Evil wickedness theirs no doubt.

    Let them gather together from a hundred countries … let there evil be together in one place … good will overcome the wickedness seen from many a place … who deceived you to commit the abominations gather yourselves together in one place … let your hatred of mankind turn you to dust … trust the one who so loved the World he gave his only begotten Son … Jesus said these things would come … there like the tares amongst the wheat we know who will ...

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