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  1. running on empty

    by , Jan 4th 2008 at 08:52 PM (Life with me............)
    I feel like I am running on empty. Zero energy and motivation.

    I love working out, but lately I have been so blah about it. Hormones perhaps?

    I am ready for the weekend........the house is the usual mess. I wish I could make myself more motivated to clean and stuff...I jsut don't feel motivated.

    I worry about Scott and His work......sometimes, I think he wants to branch out and truly have his own buisness, but is is scared.

    I pray for ...
  2. Time

    Time goes by at such a pace
    That's why we're called the human race
    Sucked along by worldly ways
    Getting through the speeding days.
    Never stop to make a choice
    Between the different tones of voice
    That tell us where we're heading for
    What the future has in store

    One is love, He wants ...
  3. I have so many things to work on this year....

    That it feels almost impossible to do them all.

    But I am reminded that "with God nothing shall be impossible." Which, I assume, suggests that my first point of attack should be to take all these concerns to the Lord in prayer.

    And when I have done that... I'll be back to do more here!
  4. Wondrous

    Wondrous things of Me are spoken
    Wondrous acts I will perform
    But stay near and follow closely
    I will guide you through the storm
    For they cry out in the darkness
    For someone to bring The Light
    Come to Me, I have the answer
    In Me, the futures looking bright
    For they have no other helper
    Who can heal their different souls
    I will dash the devils capers ...
  5. feeling a bit ...weird

    Okay. My New Years was okay. I pretty much stayed home all day and worked on Sudoku..then when the time hit around 6ish I hurried up and showered and got ready to go to my friend's house. We did drink a little bit but I didn't drink much. Drinking really isn't my thing but me and my friend were having fun so I did drink. But I didn't get drunk. I didn't make any resolutions this year because I thought to myself that I make resolutions any time of the year, I didn't need to actually make resolutions ...