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  1. 18. Bubblewrap

    The S1 shop I work in (pop) is packing up much of the office (pop) equipment to store in a connex. Then the (pop) connex will be linehauled to our (pop) destination where we will be training soldiers preparing (pop) to deploy to Iraq.

    So, about an hour ago (pop) our S4 dropped off a roll of Bubblewrap that is about (pop) 4 feet tall and 4 feet thick. As a matter of fact the label says 48"x250 feet (pop).

    Sooooo, now that we have the last (pop) printer due for shipping ...
  2. Update on decorating

    Ok, it's way over due on this one.I did get my profile redecorated as of August o5 when I was a member at my 30 days.I was given the privileges of 'customizing profile' for that I'm grateful !!! And I'm sooooo thankful to those that helped me and for their time.Blessings to all of you.
  3. Worn out

    I am so tired. I haven't written all week because there has been so much going on. Monday night, Ethan my 10 yr old nephew broke his arm and had to be rushed into surgery. I knew he would be ok, but it still scared the heck outta me, him having to be under anesthesia and all. We went to the hospital to be with my sis-in-law since my brother was out of town at the Academy. When we got to the hospital it was after dark and the building lights just glowed, the parking lot was dimly lit and inside there ...
  4. The Temptation

    We are all familiar with the story of the temptation of Christ. Shortly after Christ was baptized by his cousin John Christ was led into the desert to be tempted by the devil. Now, if you are like me, you may think of the 3 temptations that are mentioned and think that was it.

    At least I've never considered that there may have been more to it. And, certainly, those three are the major ones. And they definitely define major temptations, (the temptation to use His power for private ...
    The Journey
  5. Heaven

    Heaven. Everybody has their own ideas about what it is like. If you ask 10 people what heaven is like you will probably find 12 ideas, including at least 1 or 2 that say that it doesn't exist. First, let me assure you that it is as real as Hell. And second, let me assure you that it won't be sitting around all day on a cloud playing a harp. And it won't be boring either.

    Personally, I think C.S. Lewis had the right idea about heaven. He talks about heaven, either directly or indirectly ...
    The Journey