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  1. feeling a bit ...weird

    Okay. My New Years was okay. I pretty much stayed home all day and worked on Sudoku..then when the time hit around 6ish I hurried up and showered and got ready to go to my friend's house. We did drink a little bit but I didn't drink much. Drinking really isn't my thing but me and my friend were having fun so I did drink. But I didn't get drunk. I didn't make any resolutions this year because I thought to myself that I make resolutions any time of the year, I didn't need to actually make resolutions ...
  2. January

    by , Jan 2nd 2008 at 10:37 PM (Life with me............)
    It is 2008- AHHHH. I am getting old.

    It feels like winter here, but we can't complain.

    The kids ae back to school. So far everyhthing is going pretty good.

    Scott and I have spent some time studying the Word together, somehting I really need.

    I know the Lord is speaking to us in these last days.

    Scarlett is 8 weeks old and and she is soooo cute. She is running with the big dogs. LOL

    Well I am looking foward to ...
  3. Why

    Why did you bother asking Me
    To come into your life
    Why did you bother asking Me
    To help you with your strife
    You let Me in your creaking door
    And left Me in the hall
    While all you did was shun My help
    And built another wall

    Do you want to honour Me
  4. Forsake

    Do not forsake me, oh my Father
    While I am going through the storm
    I feel abandoned in my cistern
    I need to feel Your presence warm
    I know that it's a time of learning
    To trust my all in You alone
    So as I'm searching for the good things
    Please soften up this heart of stone.

    The little ...
  5. My New Years Resolutions

    I'm writing them down here because I have several, and I know I'll forget them all if I don't have a record somewhere.

    1. Read a devotional every morning.
    2. Memorize a Scripture verse every day.
    3. Read the Bible every day. And I have a handy one-year Bible to do it with!
    4. Do a chapter in a Bible study every day.
    5. Write down what I eat.
    6. Work out at least 4x a week.
    Last but certainly not least, try to spread a little joy every day.