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  1. My New Years Resolutions

    I'm writing them down here because I have several, and I know I'll forget them all if I don't have a record somewhere.

    1. Read a devotional every morning.
    2. Memorize a Scripture verse every day.
    3. Read the Bible every day. And I have a handy one-year Bible to do it with!
    4. Do a chapter in a Bible study every day.
    5. Write down what I eat.
    6. Work out at least 4x a week.
    Last but certainly not least, try to spread a little joy every day.
  2. I just found... brother's secret porn stash on my computer.

    I'm flamin' ticked!!
  3. Resolution

    I've made a resolution
    I think you'll be impressed
    I'm going to take a step of faith
    And slowly get undressed
    Removing things that I've accrued
    The baggage I've amassed
    The trappings gained from sources wide
    The weight of which is vast.

  4. New year

    by , Dec 31st 2007 at 10:41 PM (Life with me............)
    Well another year is over...hello 2008!!!!!

    It has been an eventful year. God has worked so much in our lives...I could write all day.

    God has blessed us time and time again. he has drawn us closer and worked with us, when we have been weak.

    May we draw even closer to Christ this coming year and grow in His knowledge and thruth......
  5. Why is the LORD the best thing to happen to me this year?

    Yesterday, I asked you all a question: What is the best thing to happen to you this year? And, I said that the LORD is the best thing to happen to me this year. So, I will elaberate on that.

    The reason GOD is the best thing to happen to me this year, is because of my break up from my gf, Ashley. SDhe broke up with me, and, then I said that I am gonna dive into the word heavily this year. Well, I haven't, and, I'm sorry about that LORD.

    I will dive into the word starting ...
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