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  1. The grave

    I don't know about you but for years when I thought about the grave clothes I pictured them laying there as if someone had unwrapped them from the body. Possibly looking like the sheets on a bed after you getup.

    But that's not the picture that the Greek paints. The picture in the Greek is of an empty shell. Something like the empty shell a bug would leave when it sheds its skin.

    Can you picture the scene when the Apostles got there. They look at where Christ ...
    The Journey
  2. Three Crosses, two theves.

    Two theves. Think about it. Two men, one on each side of Christ. Each ending a life of wrong choices the same way. Both, admitedly, gitting the just punishment for their deads. Both starting out the same, reviling Christ. But they don't stay that way.

    One thief changed. One thief turned to Christ. One thief eventually, at the last minute, believed. And that made all the difference. In all the Bible there are only 3 people that we know without a doubt that went to heaven. One was Elijah, ...

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    The Journey
  3. Help!!!!!!

    Hello, my fellow CXhristians. It is I, Dana here. I want to ask for some help as I am getting my life back in order. I will accept all the help I can get, and, will learn to take it with a grain of salt.

    You all mean sooooooooooooo much to me since I have come back that I just want all the help I can get. It will take me a little bit of time to get through the help I am seeking, but, with Him, I can do all things.

    So, what I am wanting to ask is: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
  4. Onward Christian Soldiers Part Two

    This leads me to say and believe many reject Christ because it means giving up control and following your desires. God did lay down laws and rules for following Him. This is not because heís a hard-nosed tyrant, but because He cares for our well-being and wants to protect us. It proves you have faith and commitment to honor Him, just as you would a spouse. Like a parent that sets boundaries, so does God govern rules for Christian life. God gave humans the ability to control and rise above their ...
  5. Onward Christian Soldiers Part One

    This is part of the essay I wrote on Christ and Christianity. I hope to shed some light on it:

    Onward Christian Soldiers

    Christianity, the mere mention of this word can put some on the defensive, inspire others, and still make others furious. You may be able to talk about God freely, but mention Jesus and reactions are often hostile and bitter, sometimes bordering on vitriol. Why is this? Is there some deep knowledge in all of us in the truth of Jesusís life ...