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  1. The beginning of understanding.

    The beginning of understanding.

    Oh what a tangled life we lead when the Lords Word we donít perceive Ö Itís not you who followed what the Bible said Ö Itís me who didnít perceive Ö I did wrong what turmoil I did receive itís not common sense that did deceive Ö It wasnít Jesus who led me astray it was me who didnít perceive Ö Oh youth donít follow me a tangled web I wove read what Jesus sayís and then wisdom you will receive Ö Donít be stubborn to receive the perfect will ...
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  2. Do you know what ...

    Do you know what Ö

    We are becoming.

    We are becoming sonís thatís what our Pastor did say Ö Of course there is a price to pay Ö If we follow Jesus all the way itís with our life we will pay Ö Loss of friends even family wonít understand the way and the price we have to pay Ö Jesus does explain I am the way the truth and the life even now today Ö Mr Spock had logic and wisdom in his part he had to play Ö But Jesus in comparison was in a different league a different universe
  3. 85. Forgiveness

    On March 17th, I was led to post this online and since then, have been finding more discussions dealing with the topic of forgiveness, not just here on this So I'm going to post the original ministering I was led to write, then follow this with posts since then:

    Posted on Facebook on 17 March:

    Many pray to God for help in being Christlike... but they are unwilling to forgive others, which means they can't love or help others.

    Pray for God ...
  4. let the dead bury their dead.

    Let the dead bury their dead Ö How to make friends if thatís what we said Ö Two interments this week Ö One his Wife said you are going to see Jesus now and away he slid Ö Two a popular man this is when Iíd heard the words said Ö Let the dead bury the dead Ö Who are we to judge only by the way they lived and what they said Ö I didnít attend either ceremony being too late to help these two men Ö One had Brothers and Sisters for support for his family and Wife Ö Two had his whole family and friends ...
  5. Words we use.

    Words we use.

    I'm so sorry for your loss Ö Words we use Ö I saw my brother a short while before he was lost Ö It took planning beyond our understanding that I would see him before he passed away Ö I implored him to accept Jesus into his heart to change his ways and not to delay Ö Knowing the importance of what I would say could change his life that day Ö I was told how his mood had changed those weeks after I spoke and he passed away Ö My Mum found in him in his chair at rest ...