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  1. Your so inanimate.

    Your so lifeless …

    You open up when I push you … I look at you .. Your tattered and worn … I can see right through you … You've been here since this place was born … You could do with some new glasses to adorn … I've washed and cleaned you … I’ve tried to keep you respectable .. for everyone to see … Having said all that you’ve brought light into my life … My poor old bedroom window you’re in desperate need to be painted white.

    Listening to 1 Timothy 6. Alan ...
  2. Monotheistic Dances part 2

    "Learning the First Steps"

    When we consider the interactions of Monotheism, we understand that it appeared in many forms from an apparently early time, in Greek philosophy (called philosophical Monotheism) in Persia among the Zoroatrians, and in India among some early strains of the Vedas. The point here is simply to back Paul's assertion that one can see God's might and majesty in the natural world, as well as a morality that parallels the Law. It was not that ...
  3. Wealth.


    I don’t know true wealth when people would pay one thousand pounds for one car tyre … It’s another dimension I never and perhaps don’t want to be in … That place … Perhaps I would say I don’t need God and the more I’d want … I once dreamt of winning lot’s of money and wealth … Fabulous cars a mansion or two it all seems so far away being content … I stood in the showroom looking at these very expensive cars … I was helping my daughter choose a company car … I said ...
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  4. All aboard ...

    All aboard...

    There is an order in a Christian's life … We sail upon the ocean of life the wind in our sails it blows where we list … a Christians sails are filled by the wind of Holy Spirit giving power to move forward where he list … It’s not always plain sailing in the storms of life … There will be birds of prey sitting on protruding rocks … We must trust our Captain to guide us through the dangers of the ocean waves and the protruding rocks … The ship we sail is like the ...
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  5. What a place.

    What a place.

    When we talk behind someones back spiritual forces love us to attack … Its part of the old nature lets not fall into the trap … If we cant say it to their face say nothing at all … Just listen to the person making the complaint and not fall into the trap … Give it to the Lord and leave it in that place … After all Jesus has forgiven us .. not for us .. to fall again from grace … We are children of God so lets take our proper place talking behind someones ...

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