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  1. Unkind.


    I think this probably is unkind but I’m staying in a house of clutter ...When we have Jesus in our house he brings order and tidiness … Order brings peace of mind … I cannot find an electric wire to recharge the tablet I am able to borrow tonight to write my pocket sermon … I seem to experience these things so I can write and share them on site … It’s much like talking with Jesus I’m experiencing what your feeling and he wants to make it right for you tonight … Turn your eyes on ...
  2. updates

    I'm continuing to do research on Arminianism.

    From what I can tell, the similarity in the words Armenian and Arminian is purely coincidental.


    I'm still working on upgrading my Old Testament knowledge.

    I think I've got quite a way to go on this one.


    I've been attempting to do research on Irish history.

    I now know that Ireland isn't a single island. It's made up of multiple islands, with one ...

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  3. I made my mind up.

    I made my mind up.

    I made my mind up I would go to the post Office and use their computer … I couldn't leave it any longer I must update my writing …We fight not against flesh and blood … As soon as you step out in Jesus’s name … You could say cause and effect takes place stirring up spiritual forces that come against … Life is not straightforward we have seen how a prophet ran and over took a horse and chariot at full gallop … We saw the strength of one man kill a thousand ...

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  4. 76. In Need

    Christians need to regroup and actually see who in the group is in need. When they find that none of those in the group are in need... that means EVERYONE else IS potentially in need!

    So why do they NOT REACH out to those who are in need?

    Is it because those in need aren't in their "group"?

    Christ reached out to anyone, EVERYONE!

    Especially the lost... who are in need of... HIM!!!
  5. Laws in our heart.

    Laws in my heart.

    Posted on June 12, 2013

    Did the laws in my heart help me today … Not to fear but to trust Jesus in every way … I don’t really think on them it comes in a supernatural way … Like the parts of a car engine they work together in a harmonious way … All the parts producing power to run the engine of our spiritual heart … A power we don’t understand … It’s an oil for our lamp its a fuel for our spiritual car it will fill our spiritual tank … The only ...