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  1. If only I could.

    If only I could ….

    I open the front door what do I see two young people smoking away … Just like my wife and I …many years ago … If only I could warn them of things to come … That’s just two important people who don’t realise what they do … Even worse what should I do … politicians changing God’s law they obviously don’t know what they do … It’s not just two who will be affected unfortunately it will be the whole country … They have changed a law that’s been understood throughout history … I will ...
  2. Do you Know.

    Do you Know.

    Do you know the way San Hosea ... Roughly ... If I look at the map it will become quite clear ... Jesus is like a map he it is who shows the way to receive eternal life ... You will also receive the truth ... By baptism in the Holy Spirit you will receive the spirit of truth the world can not receive ... Deep within there will be a spring of living water which will continually spring up into eternal life ... I am the way the truth and the life ... Firstly I asked Jesus ...
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  3. Its not about me Its not about you.

    Its Not About Me Its Not About You.

    My intention is not to give you fright ... There is an anointing on what is said ... So beware serious trouble you will incur if you try to come against what is written ... You may not understand or even care the work and the family are Jesus's delight ...So be careful you don't try to close this site With your spite ... We fight not against flesh and blood ... So I won't say anything more than I should.

    Reading Exodus 36.
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  4. The World go around.

    The World go around.

    Everyone doing their job makes the world go around ... The vet the doctor the man who collects the rent ... Same with the Bible everyone set in his or her place a sanctuary built with skill and wealth ... God has a plan down to the posts in the tent ... Jesus has a plan for you and I a sanctuary built inside of you and I ... A place where Father God Jesus the Son Holy Spirit will come and dwell.

    Reading Exodus 36.


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  5. - Finishing the Race –

    Genesis 37:23, 24, “Joseph’s brothers took him and cast him into a pit”
    Hebrews 12:1, “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us”

    Can you remember the last time you ran in a race? Maybe it was in a high school or college track meet. If you have ever run a race can you remember what it was like? You had to run a certain distance. There was a course set out for you. There was a finish line and a prize for the one who finished first. Track ...