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  1. another blog

    I'm too confused right now to do Chat To The Moderators.

    This is affecting every area of my life.

    The panic attacks I'm having I think could also be described as frustration attacks.

    I'm having trouble thinking of what to say in this blog, right now.

    Again, something has got to change here.
  2. Song and dragons.

    I no longer tread were I use to tread ... I now live in a land of song and dragons to tread ... From the city I was led no longer to tread ... My new family I was led with them to tread ...

    Remembering those at 74.
    Tags: city, dragon, led, song, tread.
  3. 60 years or so ago.

    My Mum’s friend gave me a bike … I rode it down the back entry to try it out … It was miles to big it’s frame black as coal … I took it home why did she give me this woman’s bike … Did she feel sorry we were poor I didn’t have a bike … Or because she’d become disabled no longer able to ride her bike … This is a bit of insight into a wonderful woman who gave me her bike …

    Nel Hawkins a Christian poet and friend of my Mother.
  4. blog

    I'm so psychologically exhausted, I'm having trouble simply thinking.

    I couldn't think up of anything to name this blog other than simply "blog".

    Something has got to change here.
  5. I sat and listened to an Angel.

    I sat and listened to an Angel reading in my dream not my head …
    Don’t go to the outer court they’ll kill you listen to Psalm 112 instead …
    This dream was long ago I still remember today it wasn’t inside my head …
    Jesus said he would bring things to our remembrance via the Holy Spirit instead …

    Psalm 112.