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  1. A really short story.

    Also a really long story... updated.

    I belong to a Church with no walls … Bibleforums

    Listening to Psalms 33. Alan :-)

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  2. Head of the house.

    Head of the house.

    If we are head of the house … is it a phrase that causes doubt … at the end of the day it’s not a dictatorship but the pound stops with you … a relationship with Jesus is important for the rest of our house … if we make a decision wrong or right we stand and work it out … Jesus will not forsake us as the head of our house.

    Listening to 1 John 4. Alan :-)
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  3. The Wisdom of Age

    After celebrating with my mom her 80th birthday, I had to think on some words that she always admonished me with " that this world was growing wiser and weaker"

    Not to be found in scripture however so true. Being very analytical that sentence does have keywords "this world" although many may view phrases like, I'm not of this world, as foolishness, although that is scripture, as in being born again of God, we die from this world, 1John 2:15-17, only the world is ...
  4. Anonymous.


    We do not have to stay anonymous living a life of a secret Christian in a country that is free.

    Listening to Luke 1. Alan :-)

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  5. Corruption.


    Corruption is a way of life the temptation is too great … there are people without a new life who can live an honest life … once my consciousness was seared . then . Jesus turned me upside down … now I know right from wrong my conscience is clear healed I’m free to make the right choice … you will notice with new life we are free . with the old nature it can tie you down … until the new life Jesus gives . comes along and sets us free.

    Listening to Job 1. Alan ...
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