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  1. A foreboding.

    A foreboding.

    A foreboding of life can suddenly appear … The next life can come most near when in this life we feel a little fear … We only know this life we hang on even through a tear … The next life promises to be a place without fear … This life is a preparation for a life of death below or if we choose life eternal with Jesus … We went away for the weekend booked ahead … The accommodation wasn’t very good so we asked for an upgrade we couldn’t believe what we were given … It was ...
  2. In any one day.

    What can I say In any one day.

    In a day something can happen which explains a spiritual word … When Jesus sets us free we are free indeed … Does it mean where free to do what we want … No … When we except Jesus s offer of new life … We can accept or decline … Even if we except we still can change our mind … By accepting his new life we don’t become a robot that is under control … By accepting Jesus into our life our sins are forgiven and we can begin to walk in the light … Or we can choose to continue ...
  3. In my lifetime.

    In my Life time.

    In my Lifetime I’ve had some wonderful dreams … At one point in my Church life it was said I had a ministry of dreams … This week has been no exception some of my dreams have been so vivid … After one dream the words came to me to worship him in spirit and truth … After finding myself lost in a dream … The words encouraged me to carry on my work ministering by writing in spirit and truth … Jesus warns us of a time when we won’t know who we worship … It’s now. Reading John 19 as Jesus ...
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  4. Today was the day.

    Today was the day.

    It went well today I stood as keeper of the door … Nothing passed by through the door … The preacher preached a storm gentle in understanding to the bereaved and their need … Planting a seed that we all need … Watching his back as he preached to their need … As they left I shook their hands to say farewell to those who wanted too … Off to the wake we went following the preachers car he knew the way as in church he knew our need … We had a drink chatting and having
  5. I pray for that man today.

    I pray for that man today.

    I pray for that man today … We all have a different day to face … But that man I pray you’ll give him strength to carry on his way … A day we all dread Lord his Wife has gone her way unto you Jesus I pray … What would we do if with us you would not stay … How would we face such a day … I’m glad when that day comes Jesus will be by our side as we go on our way … When no longer we can stay as we make our way to be with you for ever and a day … Ask Jesus today hes willing ...
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