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  1. What a place.

    What a place.

    When we talk behind someones back spiritual forces love us to attack … Its part of the old nature lets not fall into the trap … If we cant say it to their face say nothing at all … Just listen to the person making the complaint and not fall into the trap … Give it to the Lord and leave it in that place … After all Jesus has forgiven us .. not for us .. to fall again from grace … We are children of God so lets take our proper place talking behind someones ...

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  2. 86. FEAR

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    Only if one uses inductive exegesis. Then they can make Scripture say anything.
    Hmmmm, I think inductive exegesis is what makes scripture mean what it's true meaning is. Inductive exegesis is taking the whole book into account and also divide it with all other portions of the whole Bible that are relevant... if I understand inductive exegesis properly. It can also include the inclusion of history, culture, even religious setting, etc in the process of understanding of the scripture.
  3. Why are you writing here ...

    Why are you writing here …

    I have something to report … You are a great man of God who will bring many to salvation in the last days … So is this the last days of this man or the last days of man … A prophecy tested in time is when it comes to pass … There has been clues from this mans past a prophecy here a word from the Lord there … When they laid hands on the hair of his head … When oil was poured on his forehead … His age is against him for this word to come to pass ...
  4. To hell with you.

    To hell with you.

    Revert to type or the standard Christian term back slide … Free will not free willy that caused the slide we were going forward was it a hill we had to climb … That caused the slide … We start to swear we talk like we always did … Was it Jesus he’s still there by your side that caused the slide … Was it an offense somebody said we no longer read our Bible to see what it sez … Start back on your journey repent another word we hide on our slide … We remember today ...
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  5. At last ...

    At last the end of the day ….

    At last the end of the day … Does it annoy you I have a lot to say … Basically I’m a blogger and I write every day … I try to learn something from the Bible and observations of the day … I have to be careful I’m not a show off .. Like I observed today … Those with true wealth are discreet and don’t always make a display of what they’ve spent and done today … True spiritual wealth is not always on display so I should be careful what I say and display ...
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