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  1. Please Stay.

    Please stay.

    August 4, 2013Pocket Sermons.Please stay.alan

    Thank you Lord Jesus for this new day … I hope you enjoy the new simple design of site and perhaps you’ll want to stay … If you register although there’s not much for you to do … It’s shows you have an interest in Jesus life … He doesn’t want your money … Jesus is interested in what you’re doing today and the rest of eternity … I was reading how Moses wanted to see Jesus Father and how his Father hid Moses in the
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  2. Light.


    Living in their dwellings of light … The beauty of the decor all to delight … Makes them feel alright … No I don't need Jesus everything is alright … I don't want to scare you but hell is full of light … And one day our dwellings of light the beauty of decor will no longer delight … Trust in Jesus he will provide light in the inward parts were our saviour wants to live alright.

    Reading Exodus 33.

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  3. 8-02-13

    I'm noticing a pattern more and more:

    The more progress I make, the further out of my way I have to go to make further progress. The result of this is, it is progressively getting harder and harder for me to make progress.


    I'm attempting to learn more about Louisiana. Reading about a place just doesn't do what actually BEING there will do.

    Unfortunately, there is no way I can take a trip to Louisiana right now.
  4. 77. Retraction?

    With many leaders in the Body of Christ making statements in the news that is counter to the Word of God... and people are sitting back waiting for these leaders to "retract" what they say.

    Well, here is my thought about that as I just commented online in a discussion:

    "Retraction? Here is my thought on that... James chapter 1, verses 5-7 does come with a standard issue surf board for those out there on the waves."

    Some further thoughts as I post this now: ...
  5. Drink to the King.

    Drink to the King.

    Drink to the King.

    Drink is a terrible thing if you’re not careful it will become your King … Ring your children slur your voice it’s your thing … Your insides begin to rot your liver will pickle a lot … Cause your loved one’s to worry a lot … In the gutter you will slot … Your pockets your King will sting as your head no longer thinks a lot … Where have your loved ones gone your King didn’t think of them a lot … Call out to Jesus he really does love ...

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