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  1. Is it fear that will appear.

    Is it fear that will appear.

    In some households there’s terror going on … Is it you causing the fear … Well layoff Jesus is watching and he will not stand by and let you continue … Layoff because the consequences are grave … Layoff the Lord will not tolerate your reign of terror … Soon you will be deposed I will whisper in your ear you bag of wind you will be deflated and disappear … And in its place peace will appear.

    Reading John 16.

    Going back to Exodus 38.
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  2. Sunshine on a Cloudy Day.

    Sunshine on a Cloudy Day.

    My 8 year old Grandson asked me is your Mother still alive … Then he said quickly no your Mother has died hasn't she … I said my Mother is still alive in heaven with Jesus although her body has died her spirit still lives … My Grandson said I believe in Jesus and God … A lot of the people and friends I know don't believe in God and Jesus he said but I do … That’s why I want an iPhone 5 so I can download the Bible … Games and talk to my friends.

    Reading John 16 ...
  3. 8-19-13

    I'm attempting to do research on Mexico.

    From what I've read, Mexico was once a lot larger than it is now. From what I can tell, all of what's now considered the American Southwest was once part of Mexico.

    A lot of what I'm reading goes against a lifetime of preconceptions.
  4. Most days are the mundane.

    Most days are the mundane.

    Most days are the mundane … I’m so glad … Today the children my Wife and I did the rounds of the playgrounds … We called in at the hambone and stopped by the park to eat our baps … Then on to the swings and roundabouts … Off they went from the car heading for the grounds while I finished my food and sat around … As I eat I looked across the road a beautiful house a brand new car … The words that came their wealth will do no good when everything goes wrong for the world ...
  5. So that we sin not.

    So that we sin not.

    The bodily functions are a natural occurrence … You might ask why I am writing about this subject … That’s what I do every day … write … There is a bodily function rarely talked about … Normally in the male there is a build up in our body of semen … It’s there to reproduce the human race in a marriage situation … There is an area we don’t want to go … Otherwise we move into the realms of sin … Like our other bodily functions there has to be a release … The body when sleeping ...