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  1. The gleaning.

    The gleaning.

    For those all around who are rich in pound … Their building a wall next door it reminded me of the story of Ruth … When my Brother Peter died I inherited his bricklayers trowel … Now the men who are building the wall had spare concrete and mortar … They used our drive so if anything fell on the floor out would come the bricklayers trowel to fill some holes in my drive … I have gleaned from those around who are rich in pound.

    Mark 5. Alan ...
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  2. I have something I must give away.

    I have something I must give away … How do I know It’s not for me … I will relate what happened as it came my way … I had a vision of a ragged sheep walking along the high street on the walk way … As the vision flashed to me a power passed through my head then I knew it wasn’t for me … I have an anointing for someone who is lost and far away … They should be in green pastures which is a privilege and blessing for you and me.

    Jesus’s stories in Mark 5. Alan
  3. Read write and post.

    Read write and post.

    When we enter the ring and we hear the ding … We come out fighting … Don’t be surprised to receive some blows … Our opponent is in the business to knock you out … Ure on the floor … Don’t throw in the towel pick yourself up and dust yourself down … We have a wonderful trainer who’s there in our corner ready to help us out … The fight is over back to training camp … Feels like we’ve been ten rounds with someone with clout … Jesus is merciful and strong he won’t ...
  4. The wonderful 4.

    The wonderful 4.

    Am I talking about the Gospels or the 4 who bring a service right to your door … They open the world like never before … If you are rich or poor they've made it affordable to preach the Gospel like never before … Thank you Jesus for the wonderful 4 ...You know who they are.

    Reading and listening to Mark 4. Alan
  5. Blueberry pudding and custard.

    Blueberry pudding and custard.

    I provide one little pudding blueberry pudding and custard … The starters main meals and sweets come from the well moderated congregation at Bibleforums … There’s a third-party in this mix who are contributing along with my pudding you may not recognise who they are … There across the table to where you are … But never the less their beginning to become a force as well moderated as Bibleforums … It’s takes a time to learn the lessons of how to control ...

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