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  1. So that we sin not.

    So that we sin not.

    The bodily functions are a natural occurrence … You might ask why I am writing about this subject … That’s what I do every day … write … There is a bodily function rarely talked about … Normally in the male there is a build up in our body of semen … It’s there to reproduce the human race in a marriage situation … There is an area we don’t want to go … Otherwise we move into the realms of sin … Like our other bodily functions there has to be a release … The body when sleeping ...
  2. . . . apropos the vindication and martyrdom of saints

    From time to time, a consideration of whether some of the martyred saints have been vindicated already comes into the thoughts of many. However, it does not seem that they all have been vindicated as of yet, because (for one thing) we do not have the complete number of martyred saints as of yet. Of course, the appropriate VISION passage from Revelation has the martyred saints making a request to be avenged--as taught below:

    Rev. 6
    9When the Lamb broke the
  3. The Tale of Two Sisters.

    The Tale of Two Sisters.

    On Fridays Two sisters and their brother come for tea … We had been visiting many miles away that friday and on the way home we stopped at the chippy for lunch … On arriving home the younger sister followed quite quickly arriving on our doorstep … She had come to see us … Shortly after the older sister texted my wife saying are we coming for tea … My wife text back saying we would only be having beans on toast and she was welcome to come up … We didn’t hear from her again ...
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  4. The way not to go.

    The way not to go.

    A fortune-teller I do not want to know … Jesus is not a fortune-teller although the future he does know … In the past when worry would visit my door a man directed me to where I should not go … When troubles comes Jesus will see us through … His peace he will bestow … Instead of listening to someone I dont know … Opening me up to spirits below … Trusting Jesus is the way to go.

    Reading Exodus 38.

    Also Reading John 15.

    Alan ...
  5. If only I could.

    If only I could ….

    I open the front door what do I see two young people smoking away … Just like my wife and I …many years ago … If only I could warn them of things to come … That’s just two important people who don’t realise what they do … Even worse what should I do … politicians changing God’s law they obviously don’t know what they do … It’s not just two who will be affected unfortunately it will be the whole country … They have changed a law that’s been understood throughout history … I will ...