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  1. Kooki and the vet.

    Kooki and the vet.

    Posted on February 18, 2014
    I took Kooki the dog to the vet … She’s loosing hair like mad … Swollen scent glands she has … Couldn’t wait till Thursday till the vet in his van came to visit … He’s a dedicated man looking after the pets in his van … Theirs so many cannot afford to have proper veterinary care except for the help of the RSPCA and this man in the van … There’s many men and women who help the poor in treating animals as they do … If we weren’t in ...
    Encouragement , Personal
  2. How will we cope....

    We'll cope ... That's another day ... It takes practise living in today ... A spiritual life helps us out ... No doubt ... Born again a new life ... Listening and reading ...The Bible will feed and cast out doubt ... Of course Jesus is what it's all about talking with Jesus will help us out ... Our feelings our emotions needs be on level ground ... Our new nature certainly gives us hope we'll win the fight and work it out ... It's the wonderful skill of writing helps express and let it out
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  3. Right tools for the job.

    Right tools for the job.

    Posted on February 5, 2014

    I reached for my yellow handled long shanked Phillips screw driver … After many years of use I know what it can do … Of course I have many tools for different jobs building a toolbox as you do … Being a joiner that’s what needs be done keeping a collection of suitable tools to get the job done … Jesus is recruiting special people for his toolbox … When he reaches into his toolbox for you … It’s because he knows what you ...
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  4. Give the glory.

    Give the glory.

    Posted on February 4, 2014
    Give the glory unto God however small it may seem … Thank you for feeling well today … Couldn’t cope with thinking of moving a bureau yesterday today … Living in the day is the way and at the end of the day that’s all there is today … It maybe that I repeat what I say but we do need reminding everyday … It’s the small things that ware away at what we do each day … Trying to take the joy away from what we do and say … No one knows all ...
    Tags: glory.
  5. 82: What about the... Lesson?

    A comment I’ve heard by a teacher, one who truly was concerned with their students learning was this, “what lesson did you receive from what you learned?” As the student and also much younger I never “got it” back then what the teacher was implying. It wasn’t about what was taught, it wasn’t all about what I was actually learning, it was all about the lesson FROM the learning.

    When I finally got it, I realized that the “lesson” from the learning was what I’d take with me, what ...