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  1. Small diminutive way.

    Small diminutive way.

    Sometimes we have to let things drift away ... Back to the way and let the rest drift away ... Easier said than done .. Make things simple . Jesus knows the way ... Make things plain and simple my son it's following me is the way ... I see a silhouette upon the wall a shadow of the real thing that the light shines through ... Let your light so shine through me ... So it'll be Jesus they really see ... Thank you Lord for saving me .. From deepest depths of ...
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  2. Rabbit holes.

    Hello I think Ive been a bit side tracked over the last couple of weeks My Pastor would say hed been taken down some rabbit holes And gone off on a tangent It was easier for me to draw than to write .. There is a place for both I suppose .. But necessary to keep a balance and things in their place I have an excellent programme called twistedbrush which is capable of making stones for the wall on Kotelha-maarava .. I do this to depict what the stones would have seen in their lifetime
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  3. Words.

    7 (2).png

    When you look back at the words you were given ... I am amazed.

    Listening to Revelation 12. Alan :-)
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  4. Oh Enemy Mine!

    The following poem was inspired by Protective Angel's post titled 'Oh, my enemy, don't you know'.

    Oh Enemy Mine!

    Oh enemy mine just leave me be,
    For Im in Christ who set me free;
    Im not defenseless; on my own;
    I now belong to Him alone.

    Ill fear no terror of the night
    For I live in Gods holy light.
    His banner over me is love;
    He gives me good gifts from above.

    He provides and He protects;
  5. If I Could

    If I Could
    If I could touch the silver stars
    And free all creatures behind bars,
    I'd sail upon the soft warm winds
    And release captured living things.

    If I could swim the roaring seas
    And speak the language of the trees,
    I'd teach all mankind to love more
    And to repent from making war.

    Though I can't do all these great things,
    True hope to lost souls I can bring;
    On eagles' wings I'll soar up high
    And shout His

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