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  1. 87. It will hurt, not itch

    I made a comment yesterday that had me thinking. The comment was: "Those types are the one's standing at the fringe. You know, that area with one foot in the darkness where gnashing of teeth happens and the other foot in their false doctrine and thus not realizing the other foot is in the darkness."

    Concerning false teachers, the Word says this: "2 Peter 2:1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will ...
  2. Knowing.

    Knowing when to say no … as a Christian we need to be able to make a decision based on truth … not on we must do because we might have some mystical power to carry it through … having said that Elijah ran faster than a chariot with the power of God … I volunteered to teach Sunday school a job I could not do … the children sacked me telling the Pastor it’s a job I could not do … of course Jesus can give an anointing to carry the job through … we all have a job to do in the body . no that’s
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  3. Woordestryd

    (Gebasseer op 2 Timoteus 2)

    Die ou duiwel hou my besig
    Om te stry oor elke ding
    Ag, die tyd wat ek tog so mors
    Wyl ek lof aan God kan bring.

    Baie nuttelose woorde
    Word daagliks gespreek; gepen -
    Kan ek deur twis; opstandigheid
    Een siel vir die Here wen?

    Volgens twee Timoteus twee
    Lei Woordestryd tot ondergang
    Maar om die Heil’ge Woord van God
    Reg te sny’s van groot belang.

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  4. Rejoice in the Lord.

    Listening to John 3:17

    Listening to Isaiah 14. Alan

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  5. The fall.

    Listening to Isaiah 13.


    The fall.

    Do not praise me I will only fall … I make mistakes like us all … don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does at all … it’s hard to explain your alms when kept secret from all … perhaps they’ll think you deceive keeping it secret from all … it’s our Father who will reveal our good works and give a reward withal … it’s the hardest discipline of all not wanting praise for our alms Jesus knows all … except when
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