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  1. All those politicians.

    All those politicians.

    September 6, 2013

    All those politicians and political party s will not succeed … Why not … They changed the law the people who read the Bible fully understand … They changed a law of this land with no mandate in their hand … To be quite frank it’s out of hand … Why do I feel angry and hate what they’ve done to this land … For myself I can write and express myself by hand … Jesus understands the world goes down a road which has been planned … Jesus
  2. Time to leave.

    Time to leave.

    Off they go rushing on their way … To their own beds far away … A privilege to have stayed in a hotel far away … Summer with the grandchildren over for another day … As we part our ways hoping to go again to the place of fun … Resting in a grand hotel again … Unwinding in a premiere place … Far away from home … Nearing home … Jesus knows our way … Helps all who trust to find their way home.

    Reading John 16.

  3. 78. The River

    On Labor Day morning I woke about 0500hrs, zonked back out and got up again just before 0600hrs. Got dressed and headed down to the river to pray, read the Bible, journal, and take some photos.

    Here is a short part of the journaling:

    Went down to the river this morning to pray and read scripture. Led to read Psalm 51 and Acts 5. The main scriptures to jump out were:

    ~Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A broken and a contrite heart— ...
  4. A day out.

    A day out.

    September 4, 2013

    No time to stop and stare … No one buying just passing through in their car … What do the residents think of these transient lot … Off to the place that people like a lot … Soon it will be back to school after the summer break … Rita Smiley Thirteen … Names they’ve given to machines that thrill and makes them scream a lot … Although I’m out for the day Jesus is still in my thoughts … If there was a bench I’d sit and rest awhile … but there s not … The elderly ...
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  5. research on India

    I'm doing research on linguistic minorities/language minorities in India (as well as on several million other things).

    First, it has to be understood that India is divided into states. A group that is a linguistic minority/language minority in one state isn't necessarily so in another.

    It also has to be understood that the terms "linguistic minorities" and "language minorities" mean different things in different contexts. It took me a LONG time to ...
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