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  1. Musings_number_three

    “What Is in a Name???"
    Part I

    I have recently started reading on religious history in America; and more specifically on 'Evangelical' history. The problem the author describes right from the very beginning is, 'How do you define an Evangelical?'. Would you know one if you passed him (or her) on the streets? How would you distinguish Evangelicals from other denominations? Viewed from this angle, the history becomes somewhat obtuse; the author follows a thread in ...
  2. Rant pt2 -Jesus is our hiding place, our refuge from the storm!!

    I cannot tell you how much this truth has changed my perspective and my walk!! It's breath taking!! When scripture tells us He is our refuge, or hiding place. When it talks about us resting in the shadow of the most High, it's not some vague thing it's speaking of. When trials and tribulation comes, there is refuge from the storm, if we only lay down our troubles and anxieties, and worship this God who holds us in the palm of His hand!

    I asked the Lord to show my a song, if there was ...
  3. Just need to rant about the love of Christ!!!

    I have never blogged before and I hope I'm doing it right, but I just need to rant about the love we have in Jesus our glorious Saviour!!

    His love is the grace we need to overcome everything that comes against us. His love is what we need to turn from our sin. The fountain of love that pours out from heaven is the power of the Christian walk.

    As I spend time in the prayer forum and counselling forum, I see that this truth is easily missed. So many hurting Christians,so
  4. - The Beginning of Wisdom –

    Psalm 111:10, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments: His praise endureth forever”

    Proverbs 2:6, “The LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding”

    Our present era has accurately been called the "age of information”. With multitudes of books and periodicals in every field of study and practice, together with billions of dollars devoted to all kinds of ...
  5. 47. Bible Study - Interim 7 on 2 Feb 12 - Putting God in a Box

    Bible Study - Interim 7 on 2 Feb 12 - Putting God in a Box

    In one way or another, have you heard the expression, “Don’t put God in a Box”?? This comment is raised in discussions revolving around what God can and can’t do today as His Good Works through disciples (Christians). I’ve heard this expression many times over the years and it is usually used in a way that is to point out misunderstanding about the character of God. Truth be told, I’ve been hearing this expression more frequently ...