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  1. Onward Christian Soldiers Part One

    This is part of the essay I wrote on Christ and Christianity. I hope to shed some light on it:

    Onward Christian Soldiers

    Christianity, the mere mention of this word can put some on the defensive, inspire others, and still make others furious. You may be able to talk about God freely, but mention Jesus and reactions are often hostile and bitter, sometimes bordering on vitriol. Why is this? Is there some deep knowledge in all of us in the truth of Jesusís life ...
  2. Cana

    Let's consider Cana for a moment. If not for one incident we would never have heard of it. But why did Jesus go to Cana in the first place? We all know what happened there but was that the reason that Christ went there?

    Christ went to Cana for one reason, He was invited. True, I think he knew what would happen, but basically, He went because He was invited. And I think that this tells us something about Christ. After all, who do you invite to a wedding? You ask people to come that ...
    The Journey
  3. I Am Back

    Hello, my fellow Christians. It is me, Dana here. And, I am proud to be back. I strayed away from the LORD these past 20 days, or, so, and, I am not proud of it. You can read more about that in the prayer section, and, please post a prayer for me.

    I am back, and, eager to learn all about what the LORD has to offer me, as, well as you guys too. He is a wonderful Creator, and, I will try very hard to not stray away from Him anymore. So, if you want to say hi, please feel free to pm me ...
  4. Do you "read the Bible LITERALLY?" Or do you "Literally READ the Bible"?

    I've had my own personal struggles with this issue over the past couple years.
    I was always taught that we should interpret the Bible "literally"... meaning; "If the literal makes good sense, then seek no other sense".

    The problem I had in being able to understand scripture using that model of interpretation was; there were too many things that DIDN'T make sense.... Mainly being, that "rule" isn't followed in a consistent manner.
  5. It Is Written, My Heavenly Father Says..........

    Philippians 1:6 I am confident that HE who began good work in me will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

    Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

    Philippians 4:7 The peace of God guards my heart and mind.

    Philippians 4:19 God shall supply all my needs according to HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

    These are some of the things God says about us.Alleluia

    Updated Sep 6th 2008 at 09:38 PM by livingwaters

    Promises from Our Heavenly Father