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  1. Me & Annie in need

    Hi !!!
    I've been blogging about Annie(my cat)and she's about the same right now But, she's eating like "crazy"WOW those vitamins...potent!!!She still can't turn and go toward the rightIt has to do with the blow she took or the heat stroke..umh...Annie's eyes are blurred which causes her not to see very well at all.she can't smell her food or even what I hand feed her at supper....She'll chop down on my finger thinking it's a piece of meat...which it is 'it's mine' I've planned ...

    Updated Aug 18th 2008 at 05:40 PM by cdo

    Annie 'my cat' and me
  2. Binding Up the Brokenhearted

    Today he confessed that he has actually looked at it a couple of other times on his phone since we have been together. So what happened this week wasn't the first time and he didn't tell me the truth. THAT made me angry and I told him so. I told him I dont care how embarassed or ashamed he is, I dont care what he has done I will not look down on him for any of those things and I will support him...BUT he had better not ever EVER lie to me again. He promised he wouldn't and I hope he does. I can ...
  3. Tonight....

    I think I have been partially in shock and so determined to help him that tonight, fatigue and all the emotions of the past couple of days are just hitting me all at once. I haven't been able to just cry and sob and get it all out and I think tonight the rivers are starting to flow...
  4. Still decorating

    Hi folks!!!!
    Well,I'm still in the process of my re-decorating with help from Lynbob"who I am so grateful for her time she has spent "showing me how to do this"I can never repay for her kindness and friendship.."" to you!!!!""
    Sherry also came to my rescue today!!!! Thanks so much for your help"" to you""
    But for some unknown reason I cant get those options as yet,
    I believe I know why:::"This forum knows ...

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    Decorating Profile "Whoa"
  5. No White Flags

    Wow, what a switch from my last post. Well my walk with God has gotten stronger, but that has been the result of the necessity of His help in the challenges I have been facing lately. So much has occured in my life in the past 6m to a year. So much good, so much that has been thrilling, and yet so much that has been heartbreaking and very challenging. So my love and I have not overcome one trial before another has come upon us. I can't waste time asking "why", I refuse to duck and run, ...