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  1. blog entry...another one.

    Hiya folks. Well a blog entry again, I got a bit of spare time inbetween doing work and doing more work. I started my studying schedule, 5 months out from exams, I’m like the only one in the whole school probably who has started studying. Those guys that I have told call me crazy. I just want to spread it out this year so I don’t just cram it all in at the last moment like last year…It’s crazy at the moment, everyone is getting that feeling of exams coming around to corner to nip their heels. I ...
  2. Youth Camp!

    I went to Youth Camp from July 14-18. I was told a lie from the devil saying I couldn't go. Well I asked my youth pastor about going and he said I could go as a counselor. So I filled out the paper work and gave him the $50 dollars to register.

    Well i get the paper work telling how much I still owed, my counselor booklet on CD and what I needed to pack. So I still needed $90 plus spending money. So I got out of my savings account $185. That left my savings $1000.


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  3. 17. Tell People

    Tell People

    I have been asked lately, “How do you give it all to God and then leave it there at the Foot of the Cross?”

  4. Vacation delayed (1) day

    O.K. This is gonna be a short blog....
    It's only a (1) day delay to leave for vacation. and I'm fine with it. "Possibly a God thing"
    !!! Aside from that, I need to take care of a few thing like putting a hair color on and my nails and getting my hair cut. Not much....oh, plus actually packing!!! can't forget that!!!
    Talk later.....Darlene

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    Vacation 08.05.08~08.11.08
  5. On to the next thing...

    Well, John and I have made it through 25 years... um, almost... our anniversary will be this Wednesday. We renewed our vows on Saturday, because he will be getting ready to leave on a mission trip next Saturday.

    It was a beautiful service, so I am told, and I made a beautiful "bride"--if that is what you call the woman in a renewal of wedding vows service. We had a good number of people come to support us, although I was aware that had we done this same service at our ...