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  1. A Standard for Living

    [COLOR=Blue]... When I was just a lad I was raised to believe that God, if He existed, was not concerned with anything that we did here on the earth. As I grew, I noticed that the rules, for my behavior, were constantly changing. In fact, by the time I was seventeen, it was not only acceptable that I had relations with a female, it was expected that I would. There was no concept of sin in my family, what-so-ever. When I turned my life over to my LORD, the very most comforting thing about that event ...
  2. Declaring the Promises, the Essence of Intercession

    When I first became an Intercessory Missionary in June 2007, I had a little experience with intercessory prayer. I knew I enjoyed the prayer meetings that my church held. I had learned what it meant to stand in the gap for my loved ones and to seem them saved, set free, and set on fire. But, those prayer meetings lasted for about 2 hours but we were always changing focus. But, It was enabling me to learn how to pray. It taught me how to cry out to God for revival.
    The one problem I had with ...
  3. The Hand of God

    A personal testimony.

    It was 1979, we just moved to a new house in Deventer, at the time we had 2 daughters one of 3 and 1 of year old. Now the oldest one was the rebellious type, we told her time and time again her playing space outside was limited to the road which was about 50 meters from our house.

    The road itself wasn't the main problem as there was not so much traffic, the main and big problem started when you had crossed the road. After the road you entered a ...
    Personal Stuff
  4. blog entry hopefully not too long.

    Hey it’s another blog post thingies from me, abidinglife. You know that funny weird guy from New Zealand…Well yeah I’m back from my badminton game, pretty disappointing playing from me. I didn’t play very good and I get so angry. I just took a break from badminton over summer and I come back and I play really bad. It’s crazy, I guess what I can learn from this is that when we take a holiday from God, we lose so much we have worked for.

    You know, I have realized something. I trust ...
  5. 13. Follow Jesus, Not Religion

    I just got done watching Evan Almighty and near the end of the movie Evan says, “I fought you all the way”

    Isn’t it a blessing to be able to say this to Jesus at your reward!!

    Instead of hearing Jesus say, “// I do not know you //” (Luke 13:27)