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  1. Law and the Christian

    How was Israel saved? By works? No. By the law? No.
    They were saved by the blood of the Passover Lamb. In order to be saved by that blood they had to have faith in God's word that:
    a. There was a definite threat of death.(Rom 6:23)
    b. That the application of the blood of the Lamb would indeed protect them.
    " For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:".
    It was after they were saved that God showed them His law. They could not bypass Sinai. "This ...
  2. Being alone

    I heard Vance Havner say "we never really know whether Christ is all we need until we're in a position where He's all we got."
    When all is gone, He's all that's left. He will never forsake or leave us. Christ gets great pleasure in seeing us in any position where we can only trust Him and let Him get all the glory.
    This isn't a group effort. We do it by ourselves. Just us and God.
    It's when we get to this place that He teaches us and communes with us. God can communicate ...
  3. Roof is installed

    One of my Grandsons spent a few days with us. He was really interested in the new roof so Papa put a ladder up and Wesley scooted up it like an old pro and pretended he was putting on the shingles. He couldnt' figure out that I was finished because I have a few extra bundles of shingles laying on my deck.
    The roofing was a blessing. My nephew Nick came over faithfully and helped me with it until we were finished. It was a pleasure to work with him. He's a good kid with good parents and ...
  4. "Condemnation & Casting Stones"

    One 'thing' I have a (not exactly a problem) with is :When someone is hurting within their their heart ,however it can be described.Where they maybe taking up some extra time to do God's work and then here comes 'satan' to plant 'things' in the mind to make you feel guilty,because that's his job.He is the deceiver of the mind.....Then you begin to believe you've fallen away from our Holy Jesus.We then also begin to beat ourself up,like satan doesn't do it good enough !!! then we or I or ...

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  5. 18. Bubblewrap

    The S1 shop I work in (pop) is packing up much of the office (pop) equipment to store in a connex. Then the (pop) connex will be linehauled to our (pop) destination where we will be training soldiers preparing (pop) to deploy to Iraq.

    So, about an hour ago (pop) our S4 dropped off a roll of Bubblewrap that is about (pop) 4 feet tall and 4 feet thick. As a matter of fact the label says 48"x250 feet (pop).

    Sooooo, now that we have the last (pop) printer due for shipping ...