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  1. 13. Follow Jesus, Not Religion

    I just got done watching Evan Almighty and near the end of the movie Evan says, “I fought you all the way”

    Isn’t it a blessing to be able to say this to Jesus at your reward!!

    Instead of hearing Jesus say, “// I do not know you //” (Luke 13:27)
  2. Pressing thru in Trust of Him

    The color of trust is really no color at all. It is others can see thru.

    No matter our station or calling our life must not boast in theory, but be poured out in life as Christ's redeemed.

    We were under great pressure so that we despaired even of life...
    But this happened that we might not rely on ourselved but on God, who raises the dead.

    2Corinthians 1:8-9

    Pressed beyond measure; yes, pressed to great length; ...
  3. Just As His Father Had Done...

    The other day I had the privilege of holding my son during worship in our Sunday evening service. I used to hold him regularly during worship at our former church, but, since moving to pastor our own I have been leading most of it myself and wasn’t able to hold him. It was such a delight! At times he would lean his head into me so that his ear was up against my mouth. I’m not the most talented singer, but, my year and a half old son doesn’t care—he’s my biggest fan. At one point he began just ...
  4. Passive Patriarchs...

    I love the story of Joshua! He goes from being Moses' Administrative Assistant—they don't like to be called secretaries anymore and don’t call them one or they'll shred your messages—to becoming the new leader of Israel and immediately being thrust into the most important time in Israel's history: entering the Promised Land. In today’s culture Joshua would have easily been on the cover of Forbes magazine. He was the hot new CEO who not only could get it done in the board room, but he could ...
  5. Hey Jealousy! Part 2

    I didn’t experience too much jealousy on the part feeling neglected by my wife taking care of my son because she had read up on it before hand and made it a point to still give me attention (She also knows me and that my ego lives and breaths on attention). Since she nursed both our children and hated to mess with pumps, I certainly was never jealous when she was getting up every couple of hours to feed them! However, jealously came into play because my son would only calm down or fall asleep ...