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  1. Old Covenant Israel was Always the Church

  2. Bibleforums.

    Hello ... when first joining Bibleforums it took maybe 6 months to make that decision ... at the time being a carer which kept me mostly at home ... in tandem with running a website from who by the way belong to Bibleforums ... it soon became apparent there was a lot to learn about running a website and posting on B/F ... the thing is the responsibility of starting a new forum that's quite daunting even questionable ... should one proceed with such a venture, especially at my age, being ...
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  3. Sometimes you need to pet the dog .

    I like to walk alone on my road at sundown to the top of a hill , nice view from there . It was getting dusky dark as I was taking in an beautiful spring day sunset . As I was standing there I felt a nudge on my elbow!?!? I was startled to find a 60 pound rottweiler next to me ! It was my cousin's dog , my cousin lives at the top of the hill , but this was the first time the dog had ever done this in the many years I have walked the road ! All the dog wanted was about 5 minutes of petting and ...
  4. sort of an update on that last one

    It's becoming more and more obvious that I need to do a daily Old Testament study.

    Again, I've READ it from start to finish. This is different.


    Almost everything I thought I knew about the Samaritans several years ago was apparently wrong.

    Now, there's a lot of question marks for me in that area.
  5. Real Love