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  1. Someone


    Going through the motions,
    Seemingly all right;
    Hiding my emotions,
    Feeling quite uptight.

    Plastering a smile
    All over my face;
    Trying all the while
    To keep up the pace.

    “Everything is fine,
    Everything's OK -
    Having a good time
    Doing things my way."

    Still I am so lonely -
    Feeling dead inside;
    Wishing I could only
    Have someone at my side:
  2. The Hour's at Hand

    The Hour's at Hand

    A hundred years or so ago
    The 'War to end all wars' was fought -
    Or so, at least, the people thought.

    Nevertheless millions of people -
    Women, babes, children and men
    Have died between today and then.

    Wars and rumors of more wars
    Have been increasing day by day;
    They simply will not go away.

    The future looks quite bleak and scary;
    Many things are going wrong;
  3. The Big Fish

    The Big Fish

    It happened on a stormy day
    When the sky was dark and gray
    That I was feeding in the sea
    When suddenly in front of me
    I saw a man struggling to swim
    So I closed in and swallowed him.

    For three days and three nights I swam
    Carrying the praying man
    Towards a town called Niniveh;
    Then, without the least delay
    I spit him out onto the land
    And left him kneeling on the sand.

  4. Don't Be Afraid

    Don't Be Afraid
    (a children's poem)

    Dearest child, don't be afraid -
    You've been wonderfully made;
    Extremely special in God's sight
    For He created you just right.

    Do not doubt Christ's love for you
    Or that our Lord is strong and true;
    Remember Jesus is your friend
    And that His love will never end.

    It is important that you know
    Jesus will never let you go,
    Nor will his love grow cold or fade,
  5. You might ask ...

    What does it all mean.

    For those working in the field's ... All the workshops ... The dog fights in the skies ... Make for the tree's leave the broken fruit on the vine ... Follow the woman out of the field into the tree's ... A light bomb is going off ... Look back at the reduced workshops ... Keep going into the tree's ... To bed with the woman it's all a dream.

    Listening to Romans 5. Alan.