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  1. Withering.


    We say such horrible things one to another … Is it our old nature or does someone else have our tongue … Today I heard something that chilled me to the bone … For a while the words wouldn’t leave me alone … Jesus helps us overcome the words that chill right through to the soul … Today I heard a meanness of the soul … Should we respond with the same meanness of soul … Do unto others as you’d like done to yourself ...
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  2. Furthermore ....

    Furthermore ….

    Furthermore … These program makers once was all hidden … Now it comes out like stinking rotten bile … They put it on the television for all to see perhaps they think its acceptable and all the style … Turn around and you’ll be forgiven carry on and in hell you’ll be livin … You corrupt our minds you corrupt our children its hard enough for them and their imagination … It’s only by Jesus you’ll be forgiven ...

    Updated Apr 14th 2014 at 08:30 PM by Amencorner

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  3. Television.


    The television has gone vile Ö And we know why but we must have hope Ö Not is all vile .. the trouble is .. but then again when Jesus is about there is hope.

    listening to 1 Kings 19. Acts 27. Alan

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  4. Three chapters of Acts.

    Three chapters of Acts.

    Three chapters of Acts was it an accident or was it the plan that Paul didn’t plan … Paul would have to go to Rome instead of being let off and allowed to roam … He said a lot more to those who judged and accused … Than Jesus said withal when his accusers took him away … And carried out there plan to crucify this man.

    Listening to 1 Kings 19 and Acts 24 +2. Alan ...
  5. Power from above.

    Power from above.

    1 Kings 18.

    What can you say about this remarkable story Ö I could give my opinion but thatís not what I want to say Ö To have such faith such force meant a close walk the spirit of a prophet Ö Letís not pretend who hasnít dreamt of being a prophet Ö Iíve been very close Iíve felt the power Iíve sort the wonder of it all Ö I believe I was offered double the power like Elisha received Ö When Elijah and Elisha saw the chariots and horses of fire Ö And Elijah ...