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  1. let the dead bury their dead.

    Let the dead bury their dead … How to make friends if that’s what we said … Two interments this week … One his Wife said you are going to see Jesus now and away he slid … Two a popular man this is when I’d heard the words said … Let the dead bury the dead … Who are we to judge only by the way they lived and what they said … I didn’t attend either ceremony being too late to help these two men … One had Brothers and Sisters for support for his family and Wife … Two had his whole family and friends ...
  2. Words we use.

    Words we use.

    I'm so sorry for your loss … Words we use … I saw my brother a short while before he was lost … It took planning beyond our understanding that I would see him before he passed away … I implored him to accept Jesus into his heart to change his ways and not to delay … Knowing the importance of what I would say could change his life that day … I was told how his mood had changed those weeks after I spoke and he passed away … My Mum found in him in his chair at rest ...
  3. Just in time.

    Just in time.

    There’s been a lot dying just lately round our way … The next question is … Are we ready for that day … It would be nice to have paid for our funeral costs … Peace of mind means a lot … If we look at Jesus he didn’t even have a plot his Father provided the lot … There was a plan a man came forward and said have what I’ve got … Even Angels came to the tomb one at the foot and one at the head … Where he had laid … The question is the answer first Jesus was raised ...
  4. Paul.


    Of course were talking about an Apostle … A builder of the Church chosen by Jesus the Son of God … We all have a job little or tall large or small trusting Jesus is all … I've been building my website one couldnt have more fun … Of course you could but for me it’s fun seeing what can be done as a son … With the help of
    Webnet77 I can talk about Jesus and what can be done … Beautiful colours beautiful words going all over the World for all to see … A little bit of Jesus

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  5. The fridge ... Kooki the dog and her tablets.

    I was standing by the fridge where I keep Kooki's tablets for her under active thyroid condition ... What I usually do is shake her bottle of tablets and she comes running ... Then I put her tablet in a piece of cheese so as she will take the medicine ... But today I shook the bottle several times but she didn't come to me ... So I went through to where she usually is on her chair sitting on her bean bag spoilt or what ... She's only allowed on her own chair and a bean bag on the lounge floor otherwise ...