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  1. Good morning ...

    Good morning … Just because we are meek doesn't mean we are weak … When someone is mean-spirited to us … This is difficult … Don't return or do as they do … Treat them with kindness and respect … That’s something they won’t expect … It could be they don’t see … Even so respect.

    listened to Hebrews 5 last night. Alan
  2. Kooki.

    Good morning ... I took Kooki the dog for a walk yesterday afternoon ... Being a medium-sized dog according to her biscuits bag she needs a good run when she goes out ... So I have discovered her ball thrower once again ... She loves it running like the wind after it ... Only trouble is where we live dogs have to be kept on a lead or risk a £75 fine ... So as not to break the law which is very difficult I take her to a spot where it's safe to run ... I tell you

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  3. Maybe next year ...

    Maybe next year …

    Hello … I have been busy constructing a new site called it’s easier to give you the link and you can see what I’m up to … It’s still in the construction stage … But I’m getting there … I wrote this about 6 o’clock this morning ...

    Being in control … Of what we say … I thought that … Is that what I should say … We don’t always know our motives for our motor mouth today … Our old nature has a lot to ...
  4. Someone


    Going through the motions,
    Seemingly all right;
    Hiding my emotions,
    Feeling quite uptight.

    Plastering a smile
    All over my face;
    Trying all the while
    To keep up the pace.

    “Everything is fine,
    Everything's OK -
    Having a good time
    Doing things my way."

    Still I am so lonely -
    Feeling dead inside;
    Wishing I could only
    Have someone at my side:
  5. The Hour's at Hand

    The Hour's at Hand

    A hundred years or so ago
    The 'War to end all wars' was fought -
    Or so, at least, the people thought.

    Nevertheless millions of people -
    Women, babes, children and men
    Have died between today and then.

    Wars and rumors of more wars
    Have been increasing day by day;
    They simply will not go away.

    The future looks quite bleak and scary;
    Many things are going wrong;