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  1. Why Did Jesus Teach In Parables?

    by , Jan 20th 2014 at 05:09 PM (The Effect of Darwin's Theory on Christianity in Europe.)
    Why did Jesus teach in parables? He apparently went to great lengths to hide his message of salvation to those whom he came to save.

    To every believer knowledgeable in the Word of God, kindly explain the reason(s) with bible passages to support your view.
  2. Anger.

    Anger in haste can really devastate … Patience with those we love can deviate from haste that in anger can devastate.

    Listening to 2 Samuel 18 Also Acts 8. Alan
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  3. Perverse.


    One man or woman a Church does not make … But one man or woman who is perverse a Church can break … Why does the world seek the consent of the house of the Lord to commit their ways which are against the words spoken in the Bible … Jesus’s people will barely scrape through so how will they enter in to the Kingdom of God that belong to the ways of the world … Jesus died for the sins of the world please open our eyes to see wrong from right … Judgement will come upon the Church ...
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  4. Marriage.


    Marriage is a life changing experience ordained of God … Was it planned so as we experience what it would be like … As one day we’ll be going to a wedding feast … But I will talk about what marriage is about … We the Church the body of Christ are a bride to be married in white without spot or blemish not in the flesh where sin has had its way … The incorruptible given of God the spiritual one without sin that lives within … Learning the different levels of love as we live ...
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    Encouragement , Family
  5. Friend.


    I found a friend he was there all the time … Write your simple stories everyday I will cover you safely on your way … Enjoy what I have given you from a child a baby a seed in your Mothers womb have I watched and cared for you … An anointing was always there and waiting for you to awake new life for you to take … Be not mistaken the worldly life is not for you to take … A life following Jesus you must take and is no mistake and you must not forsake.
    Listening to 2 Samuel 13. Also Acts 6.
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