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  1. Give the glory.

    Give the glory.

    Posted on February 4, 2014
    Give the glory unto God however small it may seem … Thank you for feeling well today … Couldn’t cope with thinking of moving a bureau yesterday today … Living in the day is the way and at the end of the day that’s all there is today … It maybe that I repeat what I say but we do need reminding everyday … It’s the small things that ware away at what we do each day … Trying to take the joy away from what we do and say … No one knows all ...
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  2. 82: What about the... Lesson?

    A comment I’ve heard by a teacher, one who truly was concerned with their students learning was this, “what lesson did you receive from what you learned?” As the student and also much younger I never “got it” back then what the teacher was implying. It wasn’t about what was taught, it wasn’t all about what I was actually learning, it was all about the lesson FROM the learning.

    When I finally got it, I realized that the “lesson” from the learning was what I’d take with me, what ...
  3. Frightening dreams.

    Frightening dreams.

    Posted on February 1, 2014 |

    Many years ago my young nephew said to me he was having frightening dreams … So I said to him to ask Jesus to help and his frightening dreams stopped … Yesterday my young grandson said to me he couldn’t sleep because of frightening dreams … So I said the same to him … To ask Jesus for help before he went to sleep and that’s exactly what he did … This morning he said to me he had the best nights sleep for a long time … I ...
  4. 81. Speaking with an Atheist...

    In my opinion, while talking with an atheist, unless they are objectively set on learning whether or not their “belief” is correct, then it will end up being a matter of wills.

    A Christian may believe that an atheist has come to their decision, that there is no God, due to error on part of the atheist’s understanding about God. While this may be true, an atheist sure may feel that there is no need to be in error because there is no God to be in error about.

    So this is ...
  5. Time for bed.

    Time for bed.

    Time for bed considering all that’s been done and said … Watched some films on DVD living in another world for a little while … Sitting … Watching in style … Had a lovely meal with the family … Lamb and mint a Sunday roast with the most … Travelled for some furniture a folder for the Granddaughter to finish her weekend work at home … Up a ladder to fix the blinds cut a melon to enjoy the fruit … Browsed the internet adjusted the site a button installed for those to mail the posts ...