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  1. My Family.

    My Family.

    My family has lived here for generations … Now the owner of the property has come here scraping and painting away … Have I no right have I no say in this situation today … I’ve brought my little ones up here on the hill come winter spring summer and fall … We’ve withstood it all … The cold wind rain and shine … The owner cannot help what’s happening today … He has to keep the property ...
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  2. Roman Soldiers.

    Roman Soldiers.

    They marched into our City today … I’ve never seen anything like it before … These soldiers all in array … There like a machine they look menacing and mean …They've come to put us down … There are some who will fight against this machine … A leader a Saviour is what we need … I’ve heard say there is a man Jesus is his name perhaps he will lead us ...
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  3. The One I Love

    The One I Love

    Lord of Light, I bend my knee
    And bow my head to only Thee;
    You are the One I love the most -
    The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

    Beautiful and just are You;
    Wonderful; forever true.
    I lift my voice to praise Your name;
    To please; obey you is my aim.

    When dark days come I do not fear
    For I know that you are right here
    To comfort me - to show the way;
    To keep me from going astray.
  4. Satan's Minions

    Satan's Minions

    The enemy's always attempting to render
    Each upright, faithful Christian defender
    Powerless; useless; unable to show
    Sinners and seekers the Way to go.

    He uses those in his bonded employ
    To divert, to bait, to trip and annoy;
    To keep us busy so that we can't
    Sow good seeds when it's time to plant.

    Their lips are full of lies and deceit;
    They set their traps for the righteous; the meek -
    Lying in
  5. A True Friend (a children's poem)

    A True Friend
    (a children's poem)

    If you should need a friend that's true
    Then Christ is the best friend for you
    For he is faithful, true and strong,
    And He will never get it wrong.

    He'll always answer when you call;
    He'll always be there when you fall
    To comfort, heal and hold your hand;
    To pick you up and help you stand.

    This friend I'm telling you about
    Has truly got a lot of clout;