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  1. Blueberry pudding and custard.

    Blueberry pudding and custard.

    I provide one little pudding blueberry pudding and custard … The starters main meals and sweets come from the well moderated congregation at Bibleforums … There’s a third-party in this mix who are contributing along with my pudding you may not recognise who they are … There across the table to where you are … But never the less their beginning to become a force as well moderated as Bibleforums … It’s takes a time to learn the lessons of how to control ...

    Updated Nov 3rd 2013 at 07:51 PM by Amencorner (pit to valley)

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  2. I found a stairway to heaven.

    I found a stairway to heaven.

    I found a stairway to heaven … I found it when I was a child … At first they showed it through my mind … I’d sit on the bottom step listening to the stories they'd tell me of old … When I grew older I wouldn't sit upon the step … Then one day falling ill I thought I’d return to the stairway I’d found as a child.

    Back to Genesis Listening to Mark 1. Alan
  3. The magnificent seven bring in a hundred and fifty-three to thee.

    The magnificent seven bring in a hundred and fifty-three to thee.

    They rode the waves till early dawn a man on shore said cast the other side … There net was full with one hundred and fifty-three it must be our Lord … They rode ashore fit to burst they dare not ask is that you dear Lord … They sat and eat around the fire Jesus spoke do you love me feed my lambs … Do you love me feed my sheep … Then do you love me feed my sheep of course these are ...
  4. Hells Angels.

    Hells Angels.

    They were not hells Angels that sat in the tomb that day sent by God to help Jesus on his way … Back to the Father not to stay Jesus has risen and is on his way … The tomb clothes there they lay as a witness to those who came there that day … Jesus has risen that’s what they did say on that wonderful day.

    Up to John 21. Alan
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  5. It isn't funny money.

    It isn't funny money.

    money can become a crutch if we depend on it too much … I just do not want to think about it too much … Having enough not worrying whether I can pay for such and such … Give away your crutch and depend on what your given from such and such … I can not argue with that it’s in your word saying such and such.

    Listening and reading to John 16. Alan
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