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Poerty and prose

  1. October 6th 2017.

    You bring us together in ways we donít expect Ö Expect to learn from life changes we didnít expect Ö Expect love and kindness from those who show respect Ö Respect comes from love and kindness when you showed respect Ö
    Tags: expect, respect
    Encouragement , Poetry
  2. October 4th 2017

    The days grow cold summer warmth begins to slip . away.
    Away Oh ye day another film to watch in the warmth of my . home.
    Home deliveries of things we need to sustain our life as we grow .old.
    Old youíre more than something to behold as things begin to slip .away.
    Away you thoughts of despair itís a new . day.
    Day by day talking to Jesus our fears slip . away.
    Away all you lost days Jesus brings us . hope.
    Hope is Jesus here to stay forever and a ...
    Tags: home, hope, jesus, october
    Encouragement , Poetry
  3. A little child ...

    A little child is going to die ...
    We will come to a place to die ...
    She's losing the battle for life ...
    We will come to Jesus for life ...

    She passed away today
    30th September 2017.
    Encouragement , Poetry
  4. Lords of the Night

    Lords of the Night

    As the sun sinks behind buildings and meadows;
    When darkness moves in and the lesser lights rule -
    Lone figures scurry and slink in the shadows
    Mangy and starving they search, sniff and drool.

    During the day they rest and they slumber
    Seeking a spot in the sun or the shade;
    Once it is dark and the sun has gone under
    They run in packs for protection and aid.

    Shadowy figures; thin, supple and
  5. Beat the Beast

    Beat the Beast

    What is grabbing, clawing, gnawing
    Crushing, dominating you?
    Can you feel it pulling, drawing
    You to do what you will rue?

    Are the dark, foul elementals
    Causing havoc in your life;
    Are they driving you quite mental
    Causing enmity and strife?

    Are you struggling with addictions;
    Do you crave your nicotine?
    What's your downfall; your affliction -
    Gossip, gin or heroine?
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