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  1. Signs and Wonders.

    Signs and wonders you might see … Try inviting some one for tea …King and Angels you might see … Jesus loves to come for tea … Alan :-)

    Hebrews 13:2. Genesis 18.
    Encouragement , Poetry
  2. The work we've been given.

    If we stick to the work we've been given we'll most likely succeed ...if we wonder into work not given who knows if we'll succeed ... Jesus shows us gently this is what I've chosen for you to succeed ... In the body we all have a job to do to succeed ... Alan :-)

    Listening to Ephesians 4.

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    Tags: body, christ., work
  3. In some small way.

    In some small way we’ve been given a ministry … We mustn’t underestimate these words we’ve been given for our ministry … It may be small in our eye’s so who knows the power we’ve been given for our ministry … Jesus knows the power that flows through the words of our ministry … Alan :-)

    Listening to Romans 12.

    Tags: ministry.
  4. 89. Who I am created to be

    I wrote this three years ago as an answer to a homework assignment while attending college at the time...

    Who am I/who was I created to be:

    Who am I? What a great question and while I can blunder through a ton of words to describe who I am, I will say this… without God, I am nothing. I don’t even want to be known for who I am because when you boil me down, who I am would be quite embarrassing to show to the world. However, since surrendering to Jesus Christ ...
  5. Listening.

    Listening to John 4.

    Speaking in tongues is the rope and bucket that draws the living waters from the well within …

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