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  1. update on my mother

    I took my mother to a cancer center in Jackson, Mississippi for a leukemia check up.

    They said that she APPEARS to be free of leukemia now, but that there is no way they can be 100% sure, and that she'll probably need to continue taking chemo for the rest of her life.
  2. updates

    I'm back to reading the King James Version of the Apocrypha.

    I don't know what to make of the Apocrypha. From what I can tell, at least some of it is set during the Old Testament Period.

    I need to discuss the Apocrypha with other members of the board.
  3. 93. Ministering Word on 23 Jun 17

    Ministering Word on 23 Jun 17 – while at the altar in prayer from 1900-1930hrs.

    Just as the “ads” advertisement distracted from the worship, a worshiper’s heart should not be negatively affected by distractions of the world. John 4 explains that the Body will worship in the Spirit and in Truth. The “Spirit” is never distracted from His work. He is “suppressed” from doing His work in people as they allow the distractions to cause them to “be suppressive” of the work of the Holy ...
  4. badly needing to do an Old Testament study

    I have always understood the New Testament A LOT better than the Old Testament, and that is still the case.

    As time has gone by, this has been bothering me more and more.

    I think understanding the Old Testament better would help me understand the New Testament better. I've got a long way to go with New Testament study, too.
  5. 92. Reminder in how God is SO Good!!

    Ya know... God is Good. Doing some praying off and on yesterday. Some heart searching like King David used to do with God. Then last night after getting in bed, I realized I forgot to do a task. So I got on the computer to do something I needed to do. Then, I began to check something else once that task was completed. I really can't say I was "checking" something out... I was led to look at something written and saved from back in 2009 when God had ministered an edifying word to me way back ...