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  1. We have freedom here.

    No going back … no going back … moving forward keeping on track … no preaching here we must adapt … I've been to that place stand up sit down no going back … moving forward to this new place … keeping on track no going back.

    Listening to Romans 12. Alan
    Tags: freedom.
  2. A creed.

    A Creed.

    When we evoke pleasant memories or thoughts joy can proceed … when we read the Bible spiritual power does succeed … when violence comes forth we can bleed … when lust has its way the old nature does feed … when Jesus comes in new life he will seed … when we want something we don’t need its called greed … when death in life comes its Jesus we need.

    Listening to Philippians 2.

    Updated Nov 22nd 2016 at 11:01 PM by Amencorner

    Tags: creed.
    Encouragement , Teaching
  3. A message for Bibleforums.

    Hello I have a message for Bibleforums ... I've done it in a video ... if you would like to listen please follow the link to my website ... much appreciated ... Alan :-)

    Link to message.

    Updated Aug 8th 2016 at 08:42 PM by Amencorner

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    Encouragement , Family
  4. A really short story.

    Also a really long story... updated.

    I belong to a Church with no walls … Bibleforums

    Listening to Psalms 33. Alan :-)

    Updated Nov 26th 2015 at 06:18 AM by Amencorner

    Tags: church, walls.
  5. Head of the house.

    Head of the house.

    If we are head of the house … is it a phrase that causes doubt … at the end of the day it’s not a dictatorship but the pound stops with you … a relationship with Jesus is important for the rest of our house … if we make a decision wrong or right we stand and work it out … Jesus will not forsake us as the head of our house.

    Listening to 1 John 4. Alan :-)
    Tags: head, house.