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  1. Can we say too much.

    Can we say too much . as a blogger we do and we say . sometimes . we say too much … The Holy Spirit will correct teach and report what Jesus has to say … we are accountable for what we say . we learn we wait . what should I say . just one word can change many lives today … excepting the Salvation our Father has to offer through Jesus his Son . a preacher’s aim for each and every day.

    Listening to Isaiah 55. today Alan :-)
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  2. One World Government.

    One World Government.

    What’s been going down today . feeling refreshed after travelling far away yesterday … have you ever heard about a one World Government . when will it happen . what'll bring it in . who will be the head . should we be concerned . trusting Jesus is the best way . hearing what he has to say . the world is in turmoil knowing not which way to go . even if we knew . how do we express what we know . step by step . line by line . precept upon precept . and on we
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  3. I travelled far ...

    I travelled far …

    Everyone has a job to do on this sunny day … no matter how small or insignificant whether on the internet or on the phone anywhere will do … I saw it today in the center of Chester a man and his dog stopped to argue his point of view … where’s the proof that Jesus Christ is true … the preacher man replied with his point of view … if you think about your birth date everything is calculated B.C . A.D and there’s your proof Jesus Christ is true.

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  4. They slip away.

    preparing the ground …

    They slip away . they've had their way the law has changed today … a weakened generation it slips away … my hand has lost its grip as there hand slips away . they rejoice . my hand has slipped away . oh perverse and lost generation you slip away . deceived on this day … it’s hard to believe it would end this way . like in quicksand your dragged away . my people are really saddened it had to happen this way . as you slip away . if you had ...
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  5. Visions of People Fleeing the Coming World War

    I had two related visions on consecutive days.

    Vision 1 (Monday, June 22, 2015) - I saw an underground tunnel and a 'river' of rats were running as fast as they could down the tunnel from right to left. They were fleeing some kind of imminent disaster.

    Vision 2 (Tuesday, June 23, 2015) - I saw a black and white photograph of total devastation - dead bodies piled one on top of the other. It was terrible.

    My husband and I prayed about these visions, and