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  1. No real title this time

    by , Oct 21st 2008 at 08:22 AM (My small part in appreciating the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.)
    My heart aches. Lord, I know you are in control. I know you are holding those three angels in your arms right now. There is no pain anymore and you have wiped their tears away.
    Please wipe their mommas tears here on earth. Hold her in your arms and blanket her with tender loving comfort. Surround her with the right people.
    Lord, I find peace in Psalm 46:10 when I read the words " be still and know that I am God" thank you for your LIVING word.
  2. The Early Days

    Carefree days in the Southern California sun are some of my first memories. There was the joy of playing kick-the-can until 9 PM in the evening in summer when it finally got dark.

    Living in the foothills of Pasadena, it was not uncommon to find me climbing the firebreaks. But even more fun was running. Oh, I was lightening fast. I always beat Jimmy my first boyfriend in a dash and, lo and behold, I won the Blue Ribbon in the 50 yard dash at the Junior Olympics! I was quite the athlete ...
  3. 200 Posts!!!

    I wrote my 200th post today! Actually, I wrote my 199th and my 200th post today! Check em out please!!!!
  4. A Short Study on Fallen Angels/Demons

    (To the best of my knowledge this essay on demons is Scripturally correct. Please correct me if I erred somewhere. Thank you, and God bless.)

    Since the fall of mankind, Satan and the fallen angels have roamed the earth to see whom they could destroy or turn away from God. After Jesus's crucifixion, resurrection and victorious ascension into heaven, their eternal doom has been sealed: they have nothing left to lose. The only way Satan and the demons can take revenge on God and His ...

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  5. Die Here gee aan die mense LEWE

    Spreuke 20:27
    "Die gees van die mens is n lamp van die HERE, dit deursoek al die kamers van die binneste"

    Here, ons het 'n moe generasie geword!
    Ons is moeg gewerk, moeg vir probleme,
    Moeg vir mense.
    Ons het veral moeg geword
    Om alles altyd reg te doen.
    Om aanvaarbaar te wees, mt ons
    Suksesvol, begaafd en finansieel sterk wees
    Met duidelike doelwitte.
    Verder moet ons goeie ouers, lojale vriende,
    Toegewyde familiemense