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  1. Slow to follow

    I say that I am over him and have days where I "feel" over him, and tonight has not been one of those times.
    I am still not over the pain, the complete betrayel of everything I thought that he was and the multitude of lies I was told.
    I am not over the memories which were once so precious to me but now are like ashes after a housefire.
    I have moments of strength, of happiness, of contentment. And then there are times like tonight when I miss the person I always called ...
  2. Why Obama would be the Best President, The Tears

    The tears! did you see the tears? why would he make a better President?, more like he is the President we need. When you have what you need that is always better for you.

    I have to say in the beginning with all the rhetoric and false information given, I bewared of him. "He is a Muslim" "He was raised in a radical racist church" being a Christian these things ripped my heart.

    Feelings that I now am ashamed that I had.

    His father was ...
  3. Transparent Agendas

    It sometimes amazes me that "Anti-Christians" think they can masquerade as TRUE Christians and not be noticed.... (And I specify "Anti-Christians"... rather than "atheists"..... because atheists in the true sense of the word, aren't generally hostile, with hidden agendas like the Anti-Christs).

    Yet, I'm never really surprised by it, nor am I ever surprised about "WHO" they are.

    The thing is, they really do stand out like a "Baby ...
  4. Losts of Updates

    I've updated quite a bit since I've posted here. So yeah...check it all out...
  5. * Discernment * continued~~~

    *Discernment:* "A Gift of the Spirit" We are lead by The Holy Spirit from God. Jesus said: The Spirit would witness to us of what He wont's us to know.((Paraphrase))God's Spirit enter acting with our spirit. By this alone is how we are to follow and be lead of The Spirit which comes from our Father. As I had said before.....The Spirit of Discernment is and can be good or bad within the person.The struggle that I'm still facing has and still is very much stressful.I'm facing a couple at ...