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  1. Bill Taylor on Parenting

    [CENTER][FONT=FreeSans, sans-serif][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=5][B]Parenting[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]
    [FONT=FreeSans, sans-serif][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=3] .. My mom and dad were just below middle class America, in financial status, but I learned a great many lessons of life, at their hands. The greatest lesson I ever learned was never told by my mother and she loved to embarrass me with odd tales from my youth, but the greatest lesson I ever learned was a matter of deep shame to her and ...
  2. 4-30-08 A Special Day

    This is a day I will never forget. And you know me, of course I took pictures too.

    Yesterday (4-30) morning, before work, I dropped off some Bible studies for mom, but I didn't get to talk to her as it was early in the morning and she was still sleeping.

    I called her in the afternoon as I was coming home from work like I do everyday. I could tell from the sound of her voice she sounded like she was having a good day. She indeed said she felt a bit queasy, but thanks ...
    My mother's battle
  3. I Am Not My Hair

    Yo! I already have a blog, so I'll figure I'll post updates here!

    Here's my link:
  4. 4-28-08 Chemo 2

    Mom went for chemo treatment number 2 on Monday. She said she could feel all the prayers because she had been dreading her treatment for days because she had just begun to feel better, but when the day came, she had peace about it.

    When I went to see her yesterday, she looked groggy (a result of the meds from chemo), but good. Her hair is coming out quite quickly now. She grabbed a lock of hair, gently pulled, and it was in her hands. She laughed about it though and said now it won't ...
    My mother's battle
  5. 12. Have Courage

    When the distractions of life begin to overwhelm you, there will always be a hand for you to take. By taking this hand you will be lifted out of the troubles in your life.

    Do you have the faith to trust Jesus? Will you take His hand? Do you fear Jesus when He approaches you directly, maybe feeling unworthy? Do you allow doubt to confuse you? Jesus will identify Himself to you and you have nothing to fear.

    When you ask Jesus to take control and command your life, ...