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  1. What is wrong....

    by , Jan 17th 2008 at 11:03 PM (Life with me............)
    This week is one big spiritual trial.

    I have had no energy still and no desire to motivate.

    I feel fat and ucky...I am as asking Lord, what do you want me to do? What is your will? Am I not in your will?

    The answer I get, I don't like.....get out of my comfort Zone? I think we are in a place of spiritual growth, but God uses physical get our attention.

    God, speak to me and help me do your will at this time..... ...
  2. Decrease

    Although it goes against the grain
    I must decrease and fade
    Become someone who does the work
    Without an accolade
    Pride has had it's shelf life
    No longer will I gloat
    I'll be industrious just the same
    Beneath an overcoat.

    So why this sudden action?
    Am I in sad decline?
  3. Snow!!

    It appears we're getting our yearly dusting tonight. Actually, I say dusting, but they're predicting 1-3 inches. 'Tis so purty!!
  4. Thank You. All of You

    I purposely did not mention an event that happened to mealmost 1 year ago. The Lord had spoke to me concerning the fate of me and my children. He promised success, with Him handing my children back to me.

    A few days ago, I was faced with the prospect of that not happening, as the government agency was trying to snatch away my rights as a parent. The judge issued a continuance, and the agency has failed, this time. I thank God for honoring what He has said, and now I totally believe. ...
  5. Choose

    My dear friend, it's time to choose
    The future of your life
    You've reached the bottom of your walk
    And now you're deep in strife
    Do you go back to what you were
    Where you were safe and sound
    Or take the hand of Jesus
    Be led to higher ground.

    Your structure is supporting ...