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  1. A whole bunch of stuff

    Since I last updated on here....I have 24 new stuff
  2. Soldier Of Christ

    A restorer of the breach and restorer of paths to dwell in.A voice to this generation.A giant killer and a mountain mover for Jesus.

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  3. Tell Me You Love Him

    Tell Me You Love Him
    Romance is totally wasted on me
    If Jesus crucified you do not see;
    Freshly-cut roses in a fragrant bunch;
    Treating me to a nice dinner or lunch
    Does not impress me if you do not care
    About the lost souls in the world out there.

    True love without Jesus is no love at all;
    Couples without Him will stumble and fall
  4. Freewill, Not in my lifetime

    Someone asked me do we have freewill, I quickly replied no, at least not in my lifetime.
    If we do have freewill, its about 10% of your life, thats about it. Well what do you mean??
    I mean most of our lives are programed to do things we really don't want to do. Like sleep, or eat, or breathe, I have no choice in those, I must sleep, I must eat and I must breathe.
    I also dream, and some of those dreams are not pleasant or make much sense, I have no power on what I will dream. ...
  5. Made With Love

    Made With Love
    Running through the meadow
    Wind blowing through my hair;
    Flowers growing wild and free -
    The sky is blue; the weather's fair.

    I stop awhile beside a brook
    And sit down on the sweet green grass;
    Birds are everywhere I look;
    The gurgling water clear as glass.

    In the distance is a hill
    The sun smiles up above;