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  1. The Winter of My Soul

    The Winter Of My Soul
    Unnoticed and oh, so slowly
    A breeze is moving through my soul -
    I've turned my back on all things holy;
    Having fun's my only goal.

    Increased in power; faster still
    Winds are blowing fierce and cold,
    Life seems empty; unfulfilled
    As I amass and worship gold.

    Tossed around on stormy oceans
    Battered by relentless

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  2. Metamorphosis

    Good morning Mr. Caterpillar, how do you do -
    Might you perchance be interested in a brand new you?
    No thank you friend I do believe that I'm just fine this way,
    For someone complemented me only yesterday;
    Sparrow told me that I am delectable and fat,
    And I doubt that your proposal's able to beat that.

    Quite right you are, Sir, it is true:

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  3. January 10, 2009

    I wasn't going to write today and guess what? God used that verse from yesterday on me, lol!!! I made a mistake. And was all ready to condemn myself and give up on writing about the Lord and how He works in my life. I started listening to the discouraging words of the enemy "you can't do this", "you are too brainless to do this". Well, the Truth is, I can't do it without the Lord. And I sure can't go on without knowing that God is with me, upholding me
  4. What Is Needed Today

    Today's Puritan Audio Devotional--

    "Grace Denial"
    by Octavius Winslow (insightful)
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    What is most needed today

    (Arthur Pink, "Eternal Punishment")

    It is the deepening conviction of the writer,
    that what is most needed today, is a wide
    proclamation of those truths which are the
    least acceptable to the flesh.

    What is needed today, is a scriptural
    Grace Gems
  5. 19: Clutter

    <o:p></o:p>A friend of mine asked me to pray for them about the clutter in their life as we ended our get together and prepared to leave. In the clutter of my own life I didn't pray last night even though I sure intended to. This morning when I woke I began my morning prayers and lifted my friend to God.

    This is what He began to minister to me so I'm writing. He showed me what clutter does in our homes and it doesn't matter how useful or how decorative this clutter is. ...