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  1. Lessons from the book of Job

    A lesson from the book of Job.

    How often in life do we seem to forget who it is we really serve. How often it is that we misinterpret the suffering of this world for punishment from God. As I ponder these thoughts I am seemingly brought to the plight of Job, a righteous servant and believer in God (Job 1:8). God counted Job as one of his own, yet Satan made the statement that if he were allowed to put Job to the test, Job would turn and curse him. Satanís ...
  2. The Shepherd

    I don't know what you see when you see a herd of sheep but, generally, for me, I just see sheep. Nothing special about them. Nothing really to set one apart from another.

    However, I know, that isn't the case with a shepherd. A shepherd looks at his sheep and sees each one individually. Each one is unique. Each one has it's own personality. Each one has a name.

    God is called the Good Shepherd and we are called the sheep of His pasture. Think about that means. God knows ...
  3. When God Calls your Name

    Those who know me know that one of my favorite Authors is Max Lucado. I have several of his books by my bed (4 at last count) and I read in one of them as part of my regular bedtime routine.

    I have recently started rereading When God Calls your Name. I think that this is the first of Max's books that I read. It certainly one of the most influential. When I read this for the first time I found that I could not refrain from commenting on parts of it. I did so in a 6+ page letter. I ...
  4. A Rocky Start...

  5. "Christ Study"~~assorted~~

    This is totally up-lifting in my spirit to finally find out this 'story' about "the napkin of Jesus at His burial"
    Each time I would come across this scripture about the tomb being empty when He was risen. I understood all that But, it was His burial cloth and napkin !!! Why would the "cloth" be thrown to the side and His Napkin that was over His face was folded neatly and layed where His head was lain at ?
    I don't know really anything about the Jewish history.But, ...