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  1. The Stretching Heavens

    Isaiah 40:22 (written 2800 years ago) "It is He that... stretches out the heavens as a curtain, and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in"

    Scientists are beginning to understand that the universe is expanding, or stretching out. At least seven times in Scripture we are clearly told that God stretches out the heavens like a curtain.

    The Bible knew, way before science did.

    This post will conclude the series, I hope anyone who has been following ...

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    The Bible knew.
  2. The Empty North

    Job 26:7 (written 3500 years ago) "He stretches out the North over the empty place..."

    Less than 200 years ago, through the advent of massive telescopes, science learned about the great empty space in the North.

    The Bible knew, way before science did.
    The Bible knew.
  3. The Dusty Old Book

    The Dusty Old Book
    A dusty, musty Book lies there
    On the bookshelf by my chair;
    Long forgotten and untouched
    (certainly not cared for much)
    For years unopened and unread;
    God's Living Word; our Daily Bread.

    I dust it off and turn the cover,
    Inside is writ 'With love from Mother'.
    Intrigued I turn page after page
    And read about

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  4. The metal thing under the seat in front

    Why do airlines put metal blocks under the seats?

    It's infuriating when you're trying to stretch into what little space there is, only to find that actually there isn't. There's a metal box there instead. It won't move, and you can't get your feet around it. So you spend the flight with your knees in someone's back because the airline couldn't figure out that people have legs...

    It's obviously not necessary, because some airlines don't put them there.
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  5. I can't do this

    I've often found that when the events of life get to me it can be very difficult to live in a way that is pleasing to God. Whether those events are someone pushing and shoving on a packed commuter train, or getting frustrated at the day-to-day trials we all face, it's very easy to come to a simple conclusion, namely "I can't do this, I just can't live as God intended". We started out with such grand intentions but when it came to the crunch we just couldn't follow through with it.
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