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  1. When there is no "next thing..."

    I have known for a very long time that I suffer from chronic low level depression. I'm not really certain when it started, and maybe... maybe I have never really felt what it feels like to be "normal."

    Yeah, I know, "normal" is a setting on your dryer.... "Normal" is a town in Central Illinois... I even lived there for several years--and my daughter does, now...

    Here's the thing, though... I have always been able to "dig out" of ...
  2. My Rededication To CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello, everyone, I am here to tell you all about how, and, why I decided to rededicate my life to CHRIST.

    I wanted to do this for mainly one reason: To start over in my life. I needed to change my life, and, it needed to be now, or, never as they say. I needed to hgave people realizw that I am a better person than they may think I am. I wanted to join GOD again, with His Son, and, be part of this wonderful group again. I LOVE GOD, don't you?

    I went on this site called ...
  3. God does some strange things!

    Well, today I realised just how busy God can be behind the scenes in people's lives, and how He guides our paths. Someone who I have been crossing paths with all my life, just missing, finally "bumped" into me on this forum. Check out this thread, to see how many co-incidences there are...

    And as we all know, there is no such thing as co-incidence.
  4. Hello, people

    Hello, people of bibleforums, I am back, and, ready to start fresh. I am going to slowly get into the posting, since I haven't been here in the longest time. I will make sure to listen to all sides of the topics that are being discussed. GOD is going to be with me since I rededicated my life back to HIM. I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

    All I want to say is that I missed posting on here, and, am looking forward to seeing what people have to say to the various topics that I ...
  5. Hell

    Hell! Not a very popular subject. One we try to avoid. One few, if any, churches preach or teach about. On any given Sunday morning (or Saturday, or Friday, whenever you choose to worship) I dare say few, if any, preachers will even mention hell, let alone make it the subject of their sermon.

    But it's not a subject that Christ avoided, In fact 13% of his teachings refer to eternal judgment and hell, and 2/3rds of his parables relate to resurrection and judgement. So lets be clear on ...
    The Journey