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  1. Floating

    I'm floating on the raft of God
    And I have yet to sink
    He's there to aid my buoyancy
    And keep me in the pink
    No matter what the problem
    As long as I stay calm
    He'll rescue me from waters deep
    Just like a soothing balm.

    No matter what the mountain is
    I know I have to climb ...
  2. Revolution

    Remember when you first were His
    You were champing at the bit
    Full of desire to change the world
    Your fuse was truly lit
    But just like clouds up in the sky
    The years went scudding by
    You settled into apathy
    And on your shelf you lie
    Waiting for a gust of wind
    To blow you into shape
  3. Mountains and Valleys

    by , Jan 7th 2008 at 11:12 PM (Life with me............)
    Life is good on the mountain....but we must go through the valley, to reach the mountain of God.

    I love that song by Third Day. Except when I am in the valley.

    Lord, you have us there now. You are speaking to us and it is not easy. We are facing trials of our faith and convictions.

    We are battling demonic forces. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle field. The war is raging....

    Oh to get to the other see the mountain. ...
  4. Back to my old self...well almost

    Hey, guys, it's me, Dana. I am almost back to my lod self again. I am getting back to my time alone with GOD again. I skipped it, cause I felt like I couldn't face the LORD, but, you know what? I can, and, I will face HIM from now on.

    I am ready to conquer my thread in MIC forum again. I am ready to let HIM lead, and, guide me through my life, and, not me anymore. I have got to stop doing that. I have just got to let HIM lead, and, I will follow. That's me for ya.
  5. 8. Driving Techniques

    On the way to work early this morning there is a long stretch of road that has a long bend to the right. I could see there were 12 cars in front of me and each was properly spaced for any military open road convoy. Each about 50 meters behind the vehicle in front of themselves.

    I saw the first vehicle break as the tail lights got bright and one by one all the cars in turn breaked continuing the maintain proper distance.

    It was at that moment I realized that the drivers ...